What if our coming here to Earth is a choice in every sense of that word? And what if, the choosing looks like choosing what we are willing to contribute in our time here. And to accomplish that, we are shown and choose the perfect woman to birth us – the one whose circumstances fit perfectly with our chosen ‘purpose = contribution to healing” – whether it’s the “Brady Bunch” kind of life or she ends up tossing our infant body into a dumpster.

Wouldn’t that mean that whatever the ‘shit’ we are currently experiencing – or ever have experienced – is and always has been perfect? In the purest sense of that word. Now, I’m not saying our lives are narrowly carved in stone – I mean “there must be 50 ways to leave a lover” ^_^   And more seriously – there are likely infinite paths to walk with infinite choices in each moment – and all still perfectly consistent/in alignment with our chosen purpose.

And wouldn’t that just knock the whole victim routine right out of the picture, ballpark, water, etc!!! ok, I guess you could somehow consciously choose to be a victim – but then, are you really?? Isn’t that more like ‘ informed consent’?

I guess what I’m getting at is – even if I am still wondering and thinking I just can’t seem to find out what my ‘Soul’s Purpose” is exactly – perhaps it doesn’t really matter. If I came from Knowing that whatever is showing up is ‘perfect’ – that is, exactly what I need to fulfill my purpose, then maybe I could do less whining and complaining and suffering and spend my time and energy looking for the ‘gift’ hidden within each circumstance, event, experience, moment. The gift I am giving!!!

Yes, I too have heard those words a ‘million’ times – that everything is perfect and there’s always a hidden gift, etc. And yet – accepting the idea/possibility stated in the opening paragraph above – fully getting and accepting my responsibility in the matter – that it is all consistent with what I absolutely chose, and my choosing is evidenced by the fact of my very existence on this Earth – well, those words have a whole new feeling for me. Am I there – have I stepped over that magical line – not so sure. ^_^ But at least I’m thinkin’ about it. At least there now exists a whole new possibility. I am very certain I shall look at my life (events) differently, with a different kind of questioning – that “why is this happening to me” question will have a whole new meaning! No longer coming from “poor me”. Perhaps  a more authentic “why” or “what is this about” – ah, I will Know what it is ‘about’ – so is the question then “how is this contributing – to me, to my purpose, to the World”??? oh, and “what is this asking of me?”

I shall call that enough for today. I have a life waiting for me – time to sew on a button for a granddaughter – actually, going to teach her how instead. ^_^