for anyone who has recently chosen to follow me – this is not a blog like i have been doing lately.  my original intent in creating this blog was to promote my business. ^_^  as one might get from the name i chose.  however – this one also has nothing to do with applique – just wanted to share the latest additions to the other work i have been doing – beading.

as the title indicates, these are not quite finished pieces.  they are in terms of what is meant to be seen – they just aren’t ‘pins’ yet.  thus all the extra backing fabric is still showing – all of that will be gone and there will be a stiff back piece that holds the actual pin so you can wear it.

new bluenew pink-purpleblue white beads












I have 4 more in process(collars only) and a 5th waiting for its ‘collar’ – the beads that go around the cabochon and help to hold it on – at least that’s the theory.  Mine are well glued, I think/hope!