i guess all this was prompted by my trying to make some sense of the monstrous fire that is raging not far from my home.  looking at events from some kind of victim posture is just not very useful! – and I admit the pull is nearly irresistible!!  even tho i am not directly threatened by the flames – the energy surrounding it and the base camp that is setup just below here – well, it looks a bit like a war zone down there!!

So, this morning I awoke with these thoughts kind of floating around in my head – and maybe I can get them into words??  about the True Nature of all this we call life and the world, etc.  Given it’s all One – that everything is a temporary manifestation – something formed out of the “stuff of God” – kinda like making a sand castle where you press the sand together tightly and it remains in a form until it’s washed away or otherwise “destroyed” – and we accept that with no problem – ok, maybe a touch of sadness if we really liked our castle. ^_^     And children stack blocks, or legos, or Lincoln logs and then ‘dismantle’ one way or another – and the basic pieces ‘live’ to become something (new) another day.

Is it not essentially the same with this earthly reality?  Everything composed of/made up of the essence of/pieces of God – the energy slowed and somehow condensed like the grains of sand; molecules hooked together like legos – and then they are washed away or dismantled, or crashed by a tornado like a child and his blocks.  Nothing and no one really dies – all just changes form.  Yes, there is something more in “living” things – the thing we call consciousness – a higher ‘level’ of God.  Maybe the plants and tress are like water?  I mean – we all know water has different forms – solid, liquid, gas/air/vapor,  The leaves that fall become ‘dirt’ which contains the nutrients to feed the tree.

Each human is a unique idea in the infinite Mind of God.  Each idea is given an “Earth suit” and goes out to play. ^_^ with the ability and freedom to create and destroy in the physical realm. And we’re like little kids who have more freedom than wisdom, who haven’t gotten the whole concept of cause and effect, – and responsibility and accountability. And often don’t “play well with others”, and don’t yet get the whole ‘sharing’ thing and that it’s not ok to hit your brother and that animals have feelings too and don’t play with fire or point a gun at your sister, etc.  I think we are still in the “human nursery school” stage – maybe getting close to ‘pre-school’???  A few of us??   Will we destroy the whole play ground before we get there?  Unlike the children we attempt to guide (as we pretend we know how) and kind of control, we as God’s children have been given “free will” and we can ignore God’s guidance and listen only to our personal “Hal” – the computer programming written over the course of our lives and filled with false beliefs that keep us living our lives in circles of desperation, misery, suffering, effort and struggle – mostly unhappy and unfulfilled – even those who look successful on the outside – Robin Williams comes to mind.

And still, I have hope.  In my quest for answers for myself – as a result of having participated in a program that gave me a glimpse of another possibility and having then declared “I refuse to live my life in misery” – I have drawn many people into my life who have shown me new ways to think and as Ernest Holmes said, “Change you thinking, change your life.”  And  to paraphrase Werner – “answers are the booby prize – real Life is lived in the question”.  Ponder the “what ifs”, look for the hidden treasure even when all looks hopeless and totally “awful”.

Doin’ my best!  Some days better than others!  having a monstrous fire raging close to you can do strange things to your psyche!! ^_^