it’s been a very long time since i felt moved (poked) to write here. today i am once again continuously composing in my head and figured it was time to just get it in print so i can go on with other creative things.

it began with something in my daily guide – about what happened as a result of the massive earth quake in haiti.  as written:  “Out of the natural disaster, the world has blossomed to their aid to assist orphans, the homeless, the hungry and sex trade victims in that region.  These are critical issues that were widely accepted before the earthquake.”

Is it possible that what we call a “natural disaster” is actually the “natural” outcome of an accumulation of the negative energy resulting from out ‘en masse’ false thinking and believing??  Doesn’t an earthquake resemble having someone ‘shake us awake’ while kind of yelling “STOP!  can’t you see what you are doing to yourself?! and to those around you?”  Haven’t you, at one time or another, finally reached your limit with someone and unable to control yourself another minute – you grab them, and shake them, and say those words – even if the grabbing part isn’t a physical act!

Isn’t it possible that our mother Earth can only absorb so much negative energy, so much remaining silent and letting us ‘find our own way’ and MUST take steps to wake us up!  That it’s kind of God’s way of assisting us with the whole “Free Will” thing and the incredible power we have to create on the physical plane.

And what about the negative energy that does not get absorbed?  Is it not swirling around in the air and atmosphere??  And can it not eventually reach hurricane and tornado velocities and dimensions??

And none of it done TO us like a punishment – we have named it properly – it is, indeed, a natural event – and a “consequence” of our accumulated negative thinking and believing.  Every thought carries an energy – loving thoughts can physically heal.  Negative thoughts can create disease.  I suspect that on a global scale, they can also create “natural disasters”!  Physical manifestations in the form of earth quakes, tornadoes, erupting volcanoes and hurricanes.