i have resisted writing this for the past 24 hours or so – yes, another realization while journaling.  was just attempting to get some work done when additional words kept pouring into my head – so i gave up and sat down here at the laptop.  i will start with what showed up on the page yesterday –

We did not ‘fall from Grace’ – we simply “evolved” into Free Will and in order to demonstrate our will there had to be choices – otherwise, why or how could there be “will” = the ability to choose.  If there are no choices, no this or that, here or there, good or bad, etc – there can be no choice.  It was not a “fall”, it was an ascension into the next realm of consciousness – the realm we are now evolving out of and into one of even higher consciousness/dimensions.  The symbolic eating of the fruit of that tree of “knowledge” was not an act of defiance and a “sin” – it was our original YES, bring it on, let’s do this, let’s PLAY! – I am ready and willing to step into the realm of Infinite Possibility and to play in the world of opposites, to play the game of “treasure hunting” – following the clues of many, many lifetimes there – a ‘game’ with infinite ‘periods’ and ‘timeouts’ and infinite goals to accomplish and ways to assist and contribute. With the ultimate “treasure” being finding our way back ‘home’ – like one of those “road rallies” where at each place you get to you are given a clue about where to go next on your way to finding the final destination and the ‘prize’.

Maybe every sport and game we have created serves to demonstrate some aspect of the overall game of Life on Earth – with all the ‘rules’ of those games representing a “rule of Life” i.e. “what works”!  – what is in harmony with the Nature of Life, of who we are – and their resultent penalties serve to demonstrate how life looks when we “break the rules”.  That is, when we operate from false beliefs or act in ways contrary to our True Nature – we are penalized/punished = equal must experience the effects of our “wrong” actions/causes.  We are not sinners!  We are players!!!  We said YES to God and entered the game of Life on Earth!

As for having been directed to not eat that fruit and that if we did, we would be banned from the Garden – simply this:  as God gave us the gift of Free Will we were then compelled ‘USE’ it – and we chose to eat, we chose yes.  And with that choice came a consequence, not a punishment – the Natural consequence being we could never go back to the level of consciousness before Free Will and the ability to choose!!!  Once evolved you can NOT go backwards!!

OK, lest you think I am proclaiming myself to be a so wonderfully enlightened being – about the middle of that second to last paragraph this computer chose to shut itself down for one of those annoying (tho I’m certain useful & necessary) updates – at which point I did my best human/victim ranting and raving routine!  Sent the cat scurrying to the other room, that’s for sure!!  I am soooo happy this blog program does an auto-save every very often!!!

Merry Christmas  ^_^