once again i find myself wondering about my ability to continue to function in the world of ever expanding technology.  not a day goes by, it seems, that i am not confronted by/with something new that i’ve never heard of/don’t understand/can’t figure out, etc.  and often it is something i truly NEED to figure out – like all the new stuff around websites and being ‘mobile friendly/compatible’.

and it seems even harder to find answers – sometimes i don’t even know exactly what i need to ask!!!  while i do everything i can to keep my mind active and at least the minimum required to keep my body able to do what i ask of it – some days the world just seems to be spinning faster than i can keep up.  being a ‘senior’ is very tough these days!!!  at least being one attempting to remain active and relevant; oh, and somewhat ‘current’.

add to that frustration (and low level fear), that of never being able to find what i’m looking for.  how much younger would i be if i could have back all the hours spent searching for that perfect place in which i stored the item during one of the many ‘reorganization’ days.  you know, those days when you feel so great that you have finally put everything in its perfect place so you can easily find it when needed.  yeah, right

some days i really do feel like quitting.  but then, i’ve never been a quitter – and so i shall keep on keepin’ on.  BUT  i still do hate looking stupid just as much – no, even more than i did when i was young!  AND – these days it seems a daily occurrence.  and lots of people around who seem to agree. 😦