March 2016

Seldom am I moved to write twice in such a short time span; however, this one was actually brewing and being successfully resisted for a whole week now.  It is the result of an actual experience I had while at the show last weekend and it included my sweet little dog, Calvin.  In fact, he was the inspiration for the whole thought process that will be included in this writing.  Here’s what happened:

A fellow vendor and friend, Kay, came out to the van to say hello to Calvin while we were setting up.  He had been very vocal and everyone knew he was there!  He had been barking with great gusto at every passing person, and I had noticed a little ‘hysterically’ so now and then.  He had met Kay before, but when she got right to the door and sort of ‘inside’ the van, his barking became nearly a screeching and his behavior very aggressive!  The kind where you just know if that dog gets out he will tear her to shreds!  Yikes!!

I had begun to think that it was the ‘cage’ that perhaps contributed, as I had observed ‘this’ before.  I thought I would just see what happened.  I opened the door and out came this wiggly, happy puppy to great Kay with kisses and all!!  IMMEDIATELY  hmmmm.

Kay works with her local shelter and even does foster care for kittens for them.  She came over to the booth, maybe the next day, during the show and shared the following information.  There is actually a phenomena (num?) that happens with caged animals, and specifically dogs.  It is called “barrier aggression”.  They have observed dogs in adjoining cages acting like savage beasts toward each other and then perfectly fine once both are free and can interact ‘normally’.  Obviously it is fear based and the dog feels helpless and thus threatened while locked in a cage/small space = “cornered”!

How is this relevant to us as human beings, you ask.  Well, given the way my mind works, it got me thinking and here is what showed up:

It seems to me that we have been taught – even by well-meaning religion(s) – that we are separate from God – you know, we pray to the big guy in the sky, etc.  And this perceived separation from God led to the equally false belief that we are separate from each other.  Yes, at the level of physical reality there certainly does appear to be separation!!  Our bodies are not connected in the physical realm!  And our bodies are not identical – each is a unique specimen in every way.  Sometimes the differences are very obvious – beyond male vs female there are all the other common ‘differences’ we are so fond of pointing out – and judging!  You know, the ones that sometimes make us uncomfortable in their obvious difference, and that uncomfortable-ness  can often trigger fear.(Truth is, I think it’s always there, very low level fear of everyone we don’t know)  And with the fear comes the invisible protective “barrier” – and with the barrier can come “barrier aggression” – no??  I’d say YES!!!

What got me moved to finally write what I had before been successfully resisting was a video I just watched of Marianne Williamson, the author of “A Return to Love” (and other books).  And wouldn’t you know it – she used that very word – barrier – and essentially spoke what I had been thinking!  So here is my two cents’ worth – read her book, at least.  I’m sure you can find it in the library – it’s actually part of my own library. ^_^  And even better – also read the book that has been her inspiration – “A Course In Miracles” – yes, also in my library and which I have now right here before me and will read again!!  That one will take a lot longer and a lot of just being open to some ‘different’ ideas – probably. ^_^

As I wrote in that last blog – it looks to me like we will either ‘return to Love’ or very likely self-destruct, taking the whole planet with us, given the level of destructive bombs, etc we have created.  We don’t need every single person on the planet to get it – we just need the “100th monkey”.  Even if you don’t think you are saving the planet – I promise you will feel happier, more peaceful and probably be more successful & abundant.  What do you have to lose????  Don’t listen to that ego-based voice – it does not have your best interest at heart.  Your Heart does!!!

Don’t wanna read?  Then please – just do your best to remain aware of your own thinking and speaking.  Notice those times you are coming from anger and/or fear.  Notice when you are judging, when you are sure YOU are RIGHT, etc etc etc! (Driving on the freeway is a great time to notice. ^_^)  And do your best to stop (your thinking, not the car! ^_^) and as best you can – return to Love.

And so, I shall take a deep breath and do as it feels I am being guided to do – to once again share what poured out onto the pages of my morning journal.  The truth is tho, that it’s not the first time I’ve written or spoken about this – just seems to have shown up more emphatically and with a stronger urge to write here this time. I am going to write pretty much as the words were written on the journal pages.  So – here we go:

I just found myself kind of ‘frozen’ (hah, now reminded of the movie! So many messages You are sending us about Love) as my mind was distracted into the political debacle by the old phrase “the lesser of two evils” and the scary realization that there is no “lesser” – seems just a lose/lose this time. 😦  Somehow, I do think Bernie the only ‘sane’ option, BUT – that is not an educated choice – gut feeling at best.  Hillery a ‘corporate puppet’ I fear and ALL Republicans way worse, with Trump an authentic mental case!  In the most dangerous sense!  Scary!! 

There is only one way thru and that is the path of Love.  It may be true, as some ancient Eastern ‘religions’ claim, that we have  done this many times – come to this point and continued down the path of self-destruction – I don’t know and (if true) can only pray we breakthru this time.  Everything in the Spiritual community points in the direction of breakthru.  And the only thing I know is – the ONLY place I have any power is in here – in myself.  I must choose to heal any and all traces of all that Trump seems to represent – racism, bigotry, greed, hate, etc.  Since I cannot even see what is not still ‘true’ for me – that is, what I don’t already know and believe – then  all I can do is remain vigilant – pay attention to my own thinking and speaking – all the knee-jerk reactions, all the judgements and accompanying unkind thoughts/words/feelings – those times on the highway when I sound just like Trump!  All the ways I judge as I sit at the quilt shows watching the ‘parade’ of people passing by – as well as those who enter and say “stupid things”.  😦  The impatience and judgmental thoughts as I wait in line at the bank or grocery – or toward the person whose cart is in MY way, or whose child is annoying.  It is time for every person on this planet to begin practicing “non-violence and loving-kindness” at every level of their being!  It is our negative energy that has coalesced and formed the person we call Trump.  He is the personification of all the negative energy we have sent out, and we continue to feed that creation thru our negative reactions toward him.  We must stop looking out there and judging – we must take what we see and know it as the mirror it is and then look inside at what WE must heal within ourselves.  Yes, Trump is scary – but, to be in reaction to him only adds more negative energy – like attempting to put out a fire by throwing gasoline on it.

Those thoughts and similar words showed up last week when I realized that I had to find a different way to hold/view all of what appears so awful – I know it’s all a mirror; I know we are always being shown something about ourselves so we can heal and move on to what we truly want in our lives.  These thoughts make logical sense to me – what is happening out there looks totally crazy and scary as viewed from their level.  I had to find another/new way.  In support of that idea I give you these quotes:

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”                                                                                                                                               Dr. Wayne Dyer

“No revolution of outer circumstances is possible without first a revolution in one’s inner way of being.”                                                                          The I Ching

“When you SEE things differently, you will begin to ACT differently.”  Unknown