I started off with the idea of writing a blog that might give folks a little ‘insight’ into how come everything is costing more these days.  I know, ya’ll at some level realize it is costing “us” more and we are just passing it along in order for us to be able to also live and ‘pay the bills’.  I thought I’d just put out some actual numbers – to make it all more ‘real’ and ‘in perspective’, so to speak.

So, when I began this business, about 15 years ago, the cost of fabric (wholesale) was around $4.00 per yard.  It is now approaching $6.00 and my recent order had a shipping cost of $0.79 PER YARD!  I swear, it cost something closer to $0.25 when I started!  And I know it was around $0.50 last time I ordered!

My first printer was big and expensive – I needed one that could print 11″ x 17″ – and I think total for the 4 cartridges was in the $75 range.  The current printer is $140 for the four cartridges!

I use ‘flat rate priority’ for mailing larger orders, which are ‘free shipping’ to my customers! (over $50 orders).  I think when I started it was $3.85?  More recently it has been $5.05!  And the other day, imagine my surprise when it came up at $6.45!!  That’s an increase of $1.40!!  In one ‘swell foop’! (hmm, does this program also have spell check/auto correct??  I thought I typed it that way and it showed up the right way – as ‘fell swoop’. ^_^ Just a funny way someone way back in my past used to say it – on purpose.)

The paper I use for all the covers was ‘expensive’ when I started.  I needed something that wouldn’t soak up even more ink given those photos on the covers are pretty ‘intense’ – ink-wise!  It was around $10, as I recall.  It is now $17.  As is the 11″ x 17″ paper – on which all the actual patterns are printed.

So, today I found myself wondering if it isn’t time to raise my prices – because ‘the rest of the story’ is, while all of those things have been increasing – total sales per show?  not so much!!  In fact, my current ‘realistic’ goal each time is definitely less than a few years ago!  BUT as I even considered raising my prices, I found myself slammed against that same old stupid wall – the whole ‘self-worth’ thing!!   Not going to write a bunch about that here – not now.  I just found it surprising how ‘gut-wrenching’ it is to even consider “asking for more”!!  Visions of “Oliver” dance before my eyes! ^_^ funny