Just to get it all out of my head and hopefully thus provide me with some relief – I am going to type my thoughts again.  It has been a rough morning, here in my head!  And I remain on the verge of tears – ‘for no (obvious or state-able) reason’.

I was watching the Allstar game last evening and they took a break to do the “stand up to cancer” thing – again.  And I found myself in tears.  You see, many,many years ago – when I was only 10, my daddy died of cancer.  It’s not something I think much about at this point – but those little signs everyone was holding got me to thinking.  Way back then, cancer was not a common occurrence.  While not deemed a ‘rare disease’, it had not become ‘a household word’ = common, etc.  And that led me to think about all the other ‘diseases’ that have become so common these days.  Why is it we don’t wonder about that?  All the syndromes and disorders and ‘birth defects’ that have become part of our ‘way of life’.  Is our lack of ‘curiosity’ simply part of our false beliefs about a punishing God and a ‘cruel world’??  Could it not, in fact, have more to do with what we eat and the very air we breathe????  Or, more accurately stated – what is IN the food we eat and the air we breathe!  How much “poison” are we eating and breathing?

So what about the food?  What about the farms??  Now, there are what I have heard called “agri-businesses” – giant “companies” whose purpose is to produce huge quantities of ‘food’.  For the purpose of making sure there is enough food for everyone? That there is not one hungry child on the planet?   Hah!!  NOT!! Like everything else we humans do these days – for the sole purpose of making lots of money.  For the purpose of making sure everyone has enough money to buy what they need?  Hah!  NOT!!  While the farmer in the field may be lucky enough to be sitting in an air conditioned cab – it is likely it is only the ‘few at the top’ who are actually harvesting most of the cash!!  And they will “trickle it down” to those in need.  right.  We all know how that works.

And then there is where we buy our food.  Used to be from the person who grew it!  Or from our ‘neighborhood’ grocery store, whose owner bought it from the person who grew it.  Now what we buy may have traveled halfway around the globe to get to a “supermarket” somewhere in our area.  Hell, we don’t even have neighborhoods anymore, let alone small grocery stores!!  We now live in “subdivisions” – on small ‘ individual’ plots of land ‘divided’ from everyone else!  And now we want to build walls around our piece of land to make sure those “others” stay away from us.  And we have a gun in our house – just in case we forget to lock the gate or someone decides to climb over the wall.  Especially if they look, act, or maybe even think differently.  Can’t trust them colored folks!!!

And when we have to go somewhere – we are hermetically sealed in our individual automobiles and can become ‘enraged’ if someone dares to ‘cut us off’, or ‘follow too closely’, or do anything that offends us somehow.  At this rate, those ‘bubbles’ I hear folks joking about may just become a reality and we will ‘never leave home without it’.

I wish I had an answer – or 2, or 3.  I don’t – nor do I have the means to implement even it I did – the trickle hasn’t reached this far down yet.  And I’m running out of time.  I can only pray that those little kiddos up in the big house will grow up to think – that they won’t end up brain-washed by what we call ‘education’ – and advertising!!!  I mean, if you watch any TV, aren’t you at least once in a while appalled by the message to buy,buy,buy – more, more, more – bigger, better etc etc.  And if you aren’t sick or diseased before, you may well be convinced you are within an hour or two!!!

And I guess that brings me back to the beginning – when will we begin thinking?  At the moment we are simply acting like lemmings and are headed for the cliff!!!