For Christmas, family gave me 3 large, plastic ‘bottles’ of “Oil of Olay”.  The labels all touted promises of super moisturizing, etc. – in letters large enough to read without glasses. (Clue #1)

While I’m not very diligent about “body lotion”, I DO make sure I keep my face fully moisturized (in the vain attempt to ward off the dreaded wrinkles – silly me ^_^).  Since I had 3 large bottles, I decided to try some on my face – I mean, it’s “Oil of Olay”, right?  I figured the only possible problem could be the perfume – or whatever the difference between face and body lotion that might result in that one small red spot – the indication it’s not right for MY face.

And so – on it went – including eyelids (Clue/Fact #2).  I noticed a slight burning sensation a few moments later – uh oh, won’t do THAT again.  Guess “perfume” too much.  Then it was – on with my day.

Not long after, I came across a “sad” post on FB, and as usual – there were tears.  DANG!  Wait, DAMN!  My eyes are burning, you know, like when you get soap in your eyes! (Clue #3) WTF?!?  And this time, with glasses ON, I decide to read the label all the way to the bottom!  And there in “fine print” it says “BODY WASH!!  Ah hah, my dear Watson!!! omg!  Yes, I really did cover and carefully rub in – ON MY FACE – body wash!!!

I then ‘carefully’ (to prevent more burning eyes) “washed” it off.  Need I mention that I then looked a lot like Santa?  Rosy cheeks and nose like a cherry!! ^_^  However – my skin felt “smooth as glass”!  And with the application of the correct (and soothing) lotion and the passing of time – all was well again.

The moral of the story and the “advice” – make sure you are wearing your glasses when reading the label of something you are going to either apply to or ingest into your body!!!