It has been a very long time since I was moved to write!  Today I could not ignore the prodding!

I was poked by my daily reading and it led me to a belief I chose many years ago.  I was enduring one of the lower points of my life at the time, and that ‘voice in my head’ said – “you know, ultimately, life only gets better”.  hmmm  me thinks.  Let me see – is that really true?  And, sure enough – it did appear to be so!

While there will always be those valleys of ‘darkness’ – there will always also be hills of sunshine – IF we allow!!  Life, as we all know, IS about cycles – some things, like seasons, seem to just ‘repeat’, so to speak.  And sometimes – our lives kinda seem like that too!  We get ‘up’ and then just ‘fall down’ back into the same ‘stuff’.

The fundamental nature of this reality is CHANGE.  Everything comes and then goes.  I believe the purpose of what we might call the ‘down’ time is an opportunity for us to prepare ourselves for “more”.  To expand our thinking and believing – to actually create the space for something “bigger” and better.  And if we don’t, if we stay stuck in self pity or any other negative thinking, when the cycle restarts it will likely look a whole lot like the one before!  Because all of those things we have heard are true – ‘you will see it when you believe it’, ‘you get what you think’, etc.

I have been in my personal “down time” for a couple years now and have been struggling with my personal ‘dark’ thoughts and beliefs – I’m too old to keep doing this; I’ve run out of ideas; nobody wants what I do anyway blah blah blah the voice goes on without stop 24 hours a day!  And sometimes I can over talk it when I can remember the Truth.  For sure my life is changing and I may not be a “traveling salesman” for too much longer.  What is important for me to remember is “LIFE ALWAYS GETS BETTER”!  And to remember this down time is the opportunity for me to create the space for whatever that better will be.  Could have nothing to do with money and such!  Could be more about Peace, Love, Joy and Beauty!  Authentically!

That’s my story and I’m stickin to it! ^_^