I can feel myself being pulled ‘off track’ – just play games, I mean, who cares? No place to go, nothing I “must” do – in fact, virus has gotten worse out there and not a good idea to go/do anything “out there’! hah! A bit symbolic if you look ‘rightly’ ^_^ Looking for Love, Peace, Joy Abundance? “Stay inside” ^_^ We humans have gotten it all backwards and that has created a separated, ‘me first’ world that clearly doesn’t work and is, in fact, ‘self-destructive’. Yes, we are ‘social beings’ – however, the purpose of ‘socializing’ is not to get – it is to share/give what and who we are. Every single person is here to contribute and each in his/her own unique way. Somewhere along the way we got lost – got distracted by all the “bright and shiny” and wondered off the path into the darkness. Everyone so driven to get that we have nearly sucked the very Life out of our existence. “He who dies with the most toys wins.” Wins what? You are still dead and I don’t think dead people play with toys. Being buried in a 24K coffin does not make you any less dead – or more ‘comfortable’. And so, the pandemic is forcing us to ‘stay home’ – you could say ‘stay or look inside’. Appreciate what you have. Spend some quality time with those you love. Give of yourself to them! We are on “time out” and being given the opportunity to take an honest look at our lives and what is really important. Don’t waste it whining or having a temper tantrum. ^_^