began working on one of the 5 i showed last time and have struggled a lot!  i soo need more ‘interesting’ beads.  and it’s been tough choosing colors because that cab looks a different color with different viewing ‘angles’.  goes from turquoise to true blue and there is pink and gold around the edge of it!  it’s actually nearly finished.

tough blue one

just posting for fun – the first stage of the next 5 hopefuls.

5 more







could be a while before these are complete.  to see ones totally completed and for sale go to


for anyone who has recently chosen to follow me – this is not a blog like i have been doing lately.  my original intent in creating this blog was to promote my business. ^_^  as one might get from the name i chose.  however – this one also has nothing to do with applique – just wanted to share the latest additions to the other work i have been doing – beading.

as the title indicates, these are not quite finished pieces.  they are in terms of what is meant to be seen – they just aren’t ‘pins’ yet.  thus all the extra backing fabric is still showing – all of that will be gone and there will be a stiff back piece that holds the actual pin so you can wear it.

new bluenew pink-purpleblue white beads












I have 4 more in process(collars only) and a 5th waiting for its ‘collar’ – the beads that go around the cabochon and help to hold it on – at least that’s the theory.  Mine are well glued, I think/hope!

just a quick note to promise a post with a picture of latest jacket (for sale) later today.  also, found a new site for selling art online, and it’s free.  i put the 3 pins i have left on and am hoping it inspires me to get busy finishing some!!  check it out – looks like some nice, high quality stuff!!

not a lot to say – weather has finally gone sunny.  still a bit of a breeze, which means it hasn’t settled in for the long haul.  there do seem to be some clouds out there on the western horizen!  hmmm

as for me, just did some beading today and finished another pin.  i must admit, there is something poking at me – one of those ‘is that all there is?’ kind of pokes.  a hint of ‘boredom’???  keep looking at fabric and trying to figure out where i’m going.  no, won’t stop doing the applique patterns – just looking at doing something more in the art/ready-made arena.  beaded wallhangings – very small!!  we shall see what shows up.  in the mean time, here’s the latest one.  doesn’t have a back yet, so not officially finished.

and – have you ever gone to the mailbox and opened it to find a million tiny ants!!  guess it’s good i wanted to mail something so the postman didn’t get the surprise!!  used a powder – sure hope they were mostly gone by the time he/she got here!!

peace, love, and beauty

often by now the lawn is  tending toward its summer golden-brown and probably even the first signs of those star thistles are evident.  not this year!  as my friend ruth told me, it’s just the way it cycles around here.  this is what occurs as we come out of the ‘drought’ part of the cycle.  so, we had major rain again yesterday – with the usual bit of hail on and off.  most always part of really heavy rain here.  then, just after dark – the rain/hail hit bigtime – the hardest i’ve ever heard.  when i left to come home from big house later – still plenty of that ‘popcorn’ snow on the ground. so here’s how it still looked this morning!


anyone for a slushy?? ^_^

my poor little petunias had just finally gotten all new blooms – replacing the ones that looked like lace after the last hail storm.  and the dogwood had nearly righted itself after the heavy wind and rain and hail – now, bent even farther over than before.  poor baby – those tons of blossoms get heavy with all that water/ice on them!

the afternoon storm had really heavy wind and the rain was kinda ‘sideways, so i’m sure it was already bending over when the late hail hit!

so, obviously, i stayed in all day – till the late afternoon call to get ready to go out for dinner.  combo celebration for brittany’s b.d. and mother’s day.  well, ok then! ^_^   and here is what i finished early on – before moving on to the next one.

sun is shining today and my guess is, it will get up to 70 deg – even tho it was in the 30’s over night and only just 40 deg a bit ago.  seeing mostly blue sky – except for a big mostly white cloud over there on the western horizen!

peace, love, and beauty

big benefits.  since i believe that whatever i am experiencing today is a result of what i have thought and done in the past – i must believe that in order to change conditions/experiences it is necessary to change both thoughts and actions.  soooo – i am choosing to start with what looks like something very small.  a daily habit.

so here’s what i have learned over all these many years – some actions have become so habitual as to become ‘invisible’.  rather like the air i breathe and the process of getting the air to my lungs and back out!  for instance – my mornings.  i won’t bore you with all the details, but after i finish my form of meditation(journaling) and reading for the day – it’s straight to this contraption and often that’s the end of all the inspiration i had when i got up from my chair!!!  not to mention i often forget to eat – or even put on real clothes!

today, i chose differently and am happy to report have actually accomplished several things already – was able to stay away from here until about noon – awesome! ^_^ (i was up around 6 am!)  i mean – i showered and dressed!  ate!  have sheets on the line and finished another pin front!  oh, and the thread order came and it is unpacked and repacked. 

so, the next goal is to add a little walking.  i am hoping to adopt the routine i use while on the road – which i do to give sophie some exercise since she will be in the van all day.  excercise is something we both need – everyday!!  so, stay tuned! ^_^

ok, since you suffered thru all of that to get here – here’s your reward. ^_^  the latest pin ‘front’ and the 4 waiting to be done.


look a little like easter eggs, don’t they. ^_^  am hoping the one bead order arrives today.  perhaps i’ll work on the peach one until then.

peace, love, and beauty

a few days ago i promised (or threatened?) to put a picture of the latest pin here – finally got the extra fabric sewn toward the back so i could take the picture.  that means, this pin does not yet have a back with pin attached – this is only the ‘front’.

as always happens when i start working on pins – i have now ordered beads again!!  from two different places.  it is an addiction much like the fabric – only worse!!  takes a lot more bead orders to get a really good selection to be more ‘freely creative’.  dang!  i’m also searching for a really nice way to display them in the booth at shows.  been pretty tacky about it so far.  i had a box on my order form and then removed it.  it was for rings and i was just ‘hoping’ it would work.  decided not to risk the $18 right now and to just keep ‘thinking about it’ in hopes of coming up with something creative using something i already have.  we shall see.  for sure, there was not one piece of display offered for pins.  am i the only one???

have finished restocking all the beginner kits, so that is good.  will unload the van today and at some point this week decide just what i am taking to the one-day, outdoor deal in drytown.  had originally planned to only take jewelry – to see if i could manage to sell at least a little of it.  then roseanne said, no, bring everything.  a compromise is in order, me thinks! ^_^

ok, washer has stopped and there is a little breeze today, so to the clothesline it is.  happy sunshine!!

peace, love, and beauty

hmmm, wish i could say i’m feeling ‘super’ today.  i think i’m just tired of the rain!  i know we need it, so won’t really complain, but given i didn’t even get sunshine in tucson . . . . well, what else can i say??

on a brighter note – spring is obviously beginning to nudge old man winter aside.  the early almond tree has buds already showing pink – may even have some blooms today – haven’t been out there to check.  and the dogwood buds are good and fat.  and, have you noticed the sun showing up just a tad  earlier these days – even with all those clouds!

as for me, trying ever so hard not to just fritter away these days before the next show (in turlock, ca) – gets tough some days!  just finished a drawing for a new mini – a really simple one.  guess i will choose fabrics and get started soon as i get off here.  my boys in green play today, so will be watching that.  and, yes, will definitely watch the big game.  sure hope those two great quarterbacks each have a fabulous game – so it’s as much fun to watch as the commercials! ^_^

also, finished (front only) another pin the other day and thought i’d just post it here so you have a picture to look at.

have fun today, no matter what you do!!

love and beauty

just thought i’d post the pin i just put on ArtFire.  Have two more to finish.  Lots to do in the weeks before i head out again!


so, it’s back to it for me.

love and beauty

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