safe and sound – ok, not so sure about the sound part.  had a bad night due to the fact that mr pepe decided to stay away until waking me around 6:00 this morning.  i hate it when he does that.  i mean, doesn’t show up soon after i get home.  i always worry that something has happened to him while i’ve been gone.  or, he has traded me in on someone more available. ^_^

it was a very long drive home.  i had to come the longer way in order to stop in south lake tahoe to pickup fabric i had ordered thru the shop up there.  i didn’t have time to dilly dally, which meant no resting.  i left bend about 8:00am, stopped in k. falls only long enough to get directions and didn’t stop again until carson city – for gas.  “only” $4.09, wow, what a bargain.  yes, 50 cents per gallon does add up!   so, arrived in south lake just after 5:00.  went thru a mighty thunder storm in reno – very very heavy rain that turned to hail for a bit.  freeway flooded – the whole bit.  then ran into high winds.  and coming down around the lake – the rain again.  it was so weird – i mean raining so hard you could barely see and so much water on the street you couldn’t see the markings.  came around the corner of the lake and by the time i was back in calif – no sign of rain at all.  in fact, penny said, when i talked about the rain in reno, “it didn’t rain here”.  oh yeah, you just weren’t where i was!! ^_^  it is about 4 miles from the border to her shop on tahoe blvd.  amazing.  she admitted the lights had been flickering due to the lightening.

left there and headed out for the last hour drive to get here.  there is construction.  that held me up a bit and created a parade of cars all the way down the mountain.  not slow, and not bunched together – just many cars going the same way. ^_^  needless to say i was sooooo glad to see placerville exit!

i realized the mountain picture i put in here last time was really hard to see.  so here it is as processed the way i usually do.  i will use the thumbnail option in hopes that you can actually SEE the mountains.

this may not actually be any better.  oh well, still a pretty sunrise. ^_^

the next pictures are ones i just took.  deer.  and these two look like yearlings.  so, maybe she didn’t lose those twins, maybe they just stopped traveling with her???  definitely a male and female.  i used the setting on my camera that allows for rapid capture, so to speak.  (sports setting) so here are the 3 i got.  they are very skittish as you can see.  he came back a few minutes later and i tried it again.  not as successful.


                                     ok, tried to get them all in a row.  sometimes i do have trouble with the inserting.  and now i’ve lost the second one. grrrrr. see if i can put it here.

so, there you have it.  if you look closely you can see the female’s rear as she exits right.  he is gone down the hill, behind the tank. ^_^

and now i must see if i can accomplish something today.  do need to get ready for my 3 minutes on stage tomorrow at ncqc.  more about that tomorrow.

hmmm, heard that hawk screeching up there when i got home late yesterday.  there it is again.  sounds like someone blowing a whistle.  wonder what that’s about.

love and beauty


no, didn’t get a picture, but

just saw a beautiful sight outside this big window.  momma deer has twins, again.  they are still tiny – still have lots of spots.  so cute.  and still very skittish.  didn’t have time to take a picture as they took off soon as i got near the window.  sophie had been indicating something out there.  didn’t see anything out front, then heard the rustle on the side.  sure hope she has better luck raising them this year.  lost them both last year, not sure to what.  cars?  tough surviving with all the new construction – home depot, houses and highway.  had seen a lone large buck cross the yard just the other day.  dad? ^_^

ok, time to get back to it here.  last day.  need to leave very early a.m.  no later than 6:00 if i drive straight thru.  earlier if i want to stop and rest a bit on the way.  will have 4-5 hours of setup once i get there.  tough life for an old broad.  (now when’s the last time you heard that word?) ^_^ (remember all the hub bub about it way back then!?)

expect to have wifi in the hotel in bend, so will talk to ya then.  or just “come on down” (or up, as the case may be)  riverhouse hotel is where the show is.

love and beauty

interesting life i lead. ^_^

the smoke is heavy in the air – from fires all around us.  you can even smell it now.  scary !!  just talked to erv and he said it’s mostly brush fires, not trees.  sure glad i don’t have asthma.  most be really tough on those folks. 

as for the bats – well, i awoke just after midnight to discover something flying around my bedroom.  turned on the light, and there it was, circling the fan.  hmmm.  pretty good size – close to sparrow size with maybe shorter wingspan – tho not much.  ok, get myself and sophie over to the door and out.  did that. (as well as turned off the fan) then decided to peek in and see if it showed any signs of actually looking for the open window.  WHAT?!  now there are TWO!  that is not the way it was supposed to go.  then, as i watched, one of them flew ‘into’ the wall and just literally disappeared!  like when a magician makes things disappear – just gone!  well, there is a (length of)space between the wall and ceiling, less that an inch wide i’m sure.  and that bugger landed right by it and was gone – like, poof!!

ok, i realize this is just not going to end any time soon, cause next time i look, there are 2 again.  so i decide to give up and go back to bed.  before i did that, mr pepe made his entrance thru that open window – which got their attention, so they flew kind of close to investigate – which nearly got them in trouble.  but soon, pepe tired of watching and just came on in.  later, when he was on the other window sill, and after i had returned to bed, but not turned out the light – one of them got a little too close to pepe and i think he managed to touch it, but didn’t hurt it, i guess.  it flew a little lower for a couple rounds and then disappeared again.  geeezzz.

eventually i just turned out the light for good – after a few times of turning it back on – and finally went to sleep.  no sign of them in the morning light.  however, i must assume they are living in my walls.  i have  decided to consider it ‘green’ mosquito control. ^_^  next time (?) i will get camera and take a picture. 

as i said – at least interesting. ^_^

love and beauty

well, this is how my day began!

kind of stepped on this poor thing on my way to the bathroom!  didn’t come down on it, but my foot brushed over it – which is how i discovered it!  hadn’t been there long as it felt warm as i carried it to the compost bin – wrapped in a paper towel!!  dang cat!!





and now i must  attempt to get some more work done.  tom got home late and not in good shape after a trip to the dr. because of his back.  he was a little dopey from meds, so no work done on the rack – except i did get him to do the one cut that was the fix for the slight design flaw. ^_^  i will do my best to finish it today, i think.  there is a game tonight, so there won’t be a lot of time available.

did a quick mini kit inventory so i at least know what i need if i so choose.  will probably see where i am fabric-wise and then choose whether to bother cutting.  still need to make the trip to off max for the copies for the last two new designs – the tulips and the #17.  kits are cut and folded for those.  covers printed – just waiting for the actual patterns!

love and beauty

in crunch time again – before 6 weeks on the road.  have finished any sewing i will be doing for awhile and today i must switch gears and concentrate on kits.  also need to take the latest two masters to off max for copies so i can put the patterns together!  have covers all printed and ready.

yesterday was a busy day – in many categories.  the lovely awning is back up and despite its appearance, it is indeed LOVELY!!  lowers the temp in here by at least 10 deg, maybe even more!  and i don’t lose all my view like i do with those blinds down. (which keep out only part of the sunlight and none of the heat)

then there was the celtics’ game!!  very exciting and was (as the announcers said) probably great fun to watch for those who didn’t care who won!!   as for us loyal fans (of either team!) – a real nailbiter! or heart stopper!  at least got mine beating really fast!! ^_^  now it’s on to detroit – the last hurdle before the really really big series.

and then there was the display rack. hmmm  been a few design flaws along the way.  the one last night looked pretty serious at the time, but i have now seen how it can be quickly fixed.  tom was even less enthused than he was on sat.  at least then he seemed even a little really enrolled.  yesterday – well, it was late (after game and other chores he had had to do)  and tom is definitely not the weekend warrior in the project category.  not his idea of a fun weekend – to say the least.  too bad, cause he is so good at anything he tries.  part of it could be that he is in physical pain of some kind most of the time.  he just doesn’t talk about it or let it show.  i only am reminded when he has to resort to either ice packs or the vibrating massager chair lining thingy.  his job is truly torturing his body.  sure hope the daycare thing works out well enough that he can quit!!!  progress there remains slow due to lack of funds.  a common theme these days!

and then there is still the rv ‘repair’ – the installation of the emissions monitoring sensor.  i will bring the rig home sometime wed and just keep it here until i leave very early fri a.m.  there is a game thurs night, so expect him to do the work wed night.  while it is here i hope to clean the inside a little and do some rearranging as well as all the packing.  going to be home sweet home for a couple of weeks,

oh, one last thing – the great furry hunter was at it again this morning.  i should know by now that when he comes in that back window and heads straight for the bathroom that he has brought in a playmate!  i thought he was just thirsty – then heard the sound of plastic bottles being bumped around.  went to check and discovered a small furry critter looking less than thrilled.  seemed unharmed, just terrified.  i had to rush to the kitchen for a container and hope it remained frozen in place. (really must just take one with me when i go to see!)  it did and i was able to capture and release it way in the back ‘yard’ (just wild area) and under some big metal platform thing that’s back there (not on our property).  considered taking a picture, but figured ya’ll know what a field mouse looks like! ^_-

ok, gotta get to it here

love and beauty

ok, i have figured out how to download pictures from my camera onto this laptop – directly from the camera.  this laptop does not have a slot that is compatible with the card in my camera.  only problem is, even after i did everything, i still couldn’t use the utility program from the camera software in oder to download.  who knows??  i think it has to do with vista as i saw no mention of it within the user’s manual.  sooo, found a way to at least get one picture at a time – which is all i really need anyway.

that being said, i am now going to insert one i took today – the baby titmouse!!  yes, it is alive and well and momma was showing it about the feeder! ^_^  i had to take this thru the screen and even my max zoom wasn’t sufficient.  i doubt that you can actually see the bird(s).  momma is at the feeder and the youngin is to the right and on the branch, so just about ‘due right’ from the feeder. (i know you can’t even really see momma at the feeder!  i’ll try again if they come back.

discovered one interesting thing in this process – vista saves photos on the desktop as actual pictures, not as a ‘logo’ thing.

ok, back to work here.  am finishing up the #17 in the ancient art series.  also have the final ring to applique – that which attaches the mini to the dress.  and a second mini begun – for the last of the three new dresses.  and i am to leave town on thurs.  hmmmm   have all but the mini tub inventoried and packed.  am ok for these next two shows – unless this first one turns out to be fabulous! (one can only hope).  i will have just one day here when i get back – before heading out to albuquerque!  yes, all by my self.  looooong drive.  haven’t taught sophie to drive yet.  (next two shows are rv trips)(not that she can drive the van) ^_^

this will be a busy weekend – for both tom and me.  i have designed a display ‘rack’  for ‘us’ to build (because i am out of ‘slots’ and have several new designs/patterns/kits.)  have been attempting to make do with baskets, etc.  not working all that well.  no $$ or even floor space, for a new spinner – so needed a table model ‘something’.  i’ll post a picture once it’s done – and then report on how well it worked.  that includes how it packs, etc – not just function.

one thing for sure – if this heat stays, i’ll be very very happy to be at the coast next weekend!  show is in ft bragg.  see ya there!? ^_^

love and beauty   www,

well, as it turns out, i guess the lizard was not the critter i saw that one night.  you know, as i thought about it after – it seemed not to jive.  i mean that tail i had found was fresh off its body, and it had been a couple of days since i thought i saw something moving.  today, as i sat here updating the website, i thought i saw movement in the kitchen – on the sink.  and thought i kept hearing just a tiny little noise.  kept looking, saw nothing – then – ahah, there it was!  a mouse!  and he/she was nibbling at the bisquit i had placed in the little plastic dish that holds stuff going to the compost bin.  when i stood up to watch, it scurried across the sink and into the hole under one of the stove burners – the one in the center of the drip pan under the actual burner/element.  my counter/sink/stove is all one piece.  and also sits on top of and is attached to the (non-working) fridge (i killed it attempting to break off ice in freezer compartment, instead of defrosting – yes, very dumb).  when he/she went down from the stove, ended up on top of the fridge and then??? hmmmm

what’s funny is – i had decided to clean out and under the toaster oven this morning and in the process discovered these little black things.  at first i thought ‘mouse turds’, then thought maybe just seeds from those crackers i have been eating.  they look pretty much the same. ^_^  but when i heard that tiny bit of noise – somehow i just knew!

i’m not big on killing critters, so not sure what i’ll do next.  did put the little bowl into the toaster oven and out of its reach.  will take that to the compost bin once i quit here. and i took the drip pan out from under that burner – you know, just to let it know i know it’s here! ^_^  haven’t seen or heard ‘her’ since.     i’m not real good about putting food away – guess i’ll have to be more careful for awhile!  yes, i do have a cat.  and your point is? ^_^

love and beauty

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