fairness campaign

Yesterday was a very difficult day for me.  The FB posts I read triggered all sorts of negative reactions of fear and dismay.  And all day there were waves of sadness and fear that would just suddenly wash over me, triggering tears and fearful gut feelings.  Not too surprising to have the following words pouring out onto those pages again.  A little surprising that I am being urged to once again share.  Even if no one reads, I have at least added some positive energy to the huge cloud of negativity engulfing our country now – maybe even the World??  So, here goes:

There were some very disturbing posts on FB – people of color being told to “go to the back of the bus” by punks.  Black women being called n____ bitch. etc

  This too shall pass – angry people are prone to nasty ‘knee jerk’ reactions.  Decent folks will step forward and prevail.  In fact – the now much more real and obvious possibility will actually spark an outpouring of Love – more people, more aware of the words and actions of others – and their own automatic/unconscious thoughts, feelings and reactions.  The ugliness of a few will make the majority of us kinder and gentler.  And we will be more mindful of the words and actions of others.  Perhaps now keeping an eye on the young black woman alone ‘over there’; notice any “bully like” activity, any men approaching in an aggressive manner.  We will be looking out for each other and ‘we’ will escort the “inappropriate young men” off the bus!  There are more kind and caring people than “angry” and “WE” will make America kind again.  There is no ‘greatness’ in fear and anger and cruelty.  God Is Great and God Is Love 

And if you feel the need to “protest” – do a ‘sit down’, maybe with a candle, and meditate on Love!  An angry protest only escalates the anger and no one ‘wins’.  Everyone is ‘unsafe’. Very unwise and dangerous.  Hold hands and sing one of those Beatles songs!  Form circles within circles.  Form a line across the whole country!  Imagine!!  I wonder if you can? ^_^  It is time to come together, to truly ‘Love thy neighbor as thy self’.  See no skin coloring.  Ignore clothing or headgear.  No matter language or accents – heart to heart requires no words.  (I got it, God) – those angry young men are fulfilling their life purpose and it is painful to their own souls.  And they are the very catalyst that will spark the flame of Love and Kindness in the rest of us; will awaken our hearts and stir our very souls.  Yes, it is time for those songs to be sung again – maybe now, we can hear??  Imagine!  I wonder if you can.  Imagine – your young daughter is safe – any time of day and anywhere.  Imagine – your elderly parent will be automatically ‘helped’ whenever, where ever and however needed in the moment.  Imagine – your child will be accepted no matter any “disability”!  (And could that end our “need” for ‘disability?)

Yes, we are indeed on the path to/of ‘greatness’ – no guns or maybe even man-written laws will be required.  The only “concealed” is an open heart beating in each chest.  You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one!!  Just imagine – I wonder if you can.


Is anyone who happens to stumble upon this page one who is also doing things like: listening to the Fairness Campaign? Or are you following Neale’s Global Conversation  blog? or following the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard – if so, are you enrolled in the Agents for Change program – as I would be if I could feel ok about spending the $$ there instead of contributing to the ‘save our home’ project we have going on right here, right now.  While I used to joke about being a “bag lady” (in my much younger & less ‘enlightened’ days) – now that the prospect looms somewhat real – not so much!  No longer see the humor in it, so to speak.

And that also brings me to what I have been considering writing about here – that which those last sentences point to – victimhood, in all its many guises – from the very obvious to the very subtle and quietly toxic/habitual – thinking, acting, believing – etc.  What got drilled into our heads by family, friends, teachers and religious leaders – whatever.  One of my ‘personal growth’ areas of ‘intention’ is to eliminate that sort of thinking, speaking, acting – whatever – from my repertoire of “ways of being in the world”.  Now, having said that, I also believe that some level of victim is required to even remain here in the ‘earth’ plane of existence.  I could be wrong, but I suspect reaching a level of pure acceptance/non-victim would result in a puff of white light and gone sort of thing. 🙂  Still, to step away from looking out there and judging/blaming and moving into claiming some level of ‘responsibility’ is the only way to gain some authentic power and thus the ability to create change within my own life/experience.

Anyway – having just listened to the latest Fairness Campaign ‘interview’ – (from yesterday – Barbara Marx Hubbard) – I’m following what feels like an inner guidance – to just ask: Is there anyone else out there who’d like to just ‘talk’ a bit??  hmmm now I’m feeling like I should not put this out there. That old familiar fear – long time companion!!!  I will also admit that I am doing this because going and knocking on a neighbor’s door is way way too scary!! 😦