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just thought i’d keep this blog a little more current than i have for the past year or so –

so, piqf was a good show for me.  i can honestly say that being up front has made a difference.  i’m certain part of it is ‘self-created’ as i do believe we create what we think, etc.  however, there is definitely a little different energy at the front.  and it’s amazing on day 1, when they do that silly count-down and all those nearly hysterical women come rushing thru all those doorways!  ^_^  it’s a little less crazy each day after.

so, as a result of good sales i am feeling ok about next year.  am able to at least make deposits on all the shows i really want to do.  have made the decision to return to tucson even tho it was a disaster last year.  it has always been good before that, so will give it one more chance.  i won’t, then, be doing san francisco – not because of dates -just finances.  can’t really justify san fran based on last time.  am still waiting to hear from watsonville – not sure what’s happening there???  perhaps today i will update the show schedule on the webpage – keep forgetting to do that.

here is a picture of the fabulous plant/flower that showed up in my garden this summer.  i think it’s going to be the next new design.  i will just have to make sure it’s very different from my good friend bobbie’s design!!





tammy even dyed some commercial fabric for me that i hope is going to look perfect!! ^_^






stay tuned.


and so my time is essentially up.  i have worked really hard the past few days – mostly because i didn’t work hard enough last week. 😦   i finished 3 of the 4 jackets – barely.  have never had so much trouble.  the first 2 went ok, #3 gave me fits and after a few tries, i finally gave up.  had the same trouble with the fourth one today and probably lost at least 3 hours on it.  was determined.  still not sure what was happening – fabric stretched or something.  not the machine – even changed, still same problem.  so, here they are and they will be available in the booth at piqf.  what doesn’t sell will still be available. ^_^












still have a lot to do before heading out tomorrow about 11:00 – at least the van is loaded!  just personal stuff left.

i am now down to just 2 full days before i leave for “the big show” on wed.  am i ready??  nearly.  should be able to complete all the patterns and kits today and regain possession of my bedroom!  full of tubs at the moment.  then i will tackle those jackets again – i have 4 ‘in process’ – 2 of them ready for the final step=hemming.  the 3rd one gave me all kinds of fits and i eventually had to just give up.  will finish the last one before i go back to that one!  not sure what the heck i’m doing “wrong”, have never had this much trouble with that neck trim piece.  grrrr

oh, so what’s the show, you may ask – it’s Pacific International Quilt Festival. (aka PIQF) if you live anywhere ‘out west’, you’ve probably heard of it.  a really wonderful show – amazing and true ‘art’ in the quilts and lots of great vendors – like me. ^_^  you need at least 2 days to see and appreciate it all – more if you take advantage of classes and/or lectures.  i did a couple of those before i was a vendor – very enjoyable and informative.

i don’t have much in the way of new designs, but do have some new samples – as i posted last time – using my friend tammy’s hand dyed fabrics. check her out at alwaysuniquefabric.com    and here’s one of the samples – there’s also one of these in ‘purples’ (just as there are both in the commercial fabrics.

hope to see you there – stop and say ‘hi’.

how many times have i written “once again it’s been a long time . . . ” – and here it is again, a long time since i posted.  have been many a mile since last we met!  albq was ‘ok’, not as good as 2 years ago, still worth the drive, and i will go back in 2 years – God willin & the creek don’t rise.  it IS a long drive, alone.  ok, not quite ‘alone’ – just haven’t taught that dog to drive yet! ^_^  i managed to accomplish my goal getting there – just took a little extra time with a construction stop before barstow – like, out of the van walking around kind of stop!  nearly 1 1/2 hrs.  did not encounter that on the trip back – holiday weekend, and sunday at that.  wasn’t sure how i was going to do it, on return.  ended up doing in just 2 days, again.  felt ok so wasn’t willing to lose another day ‘on the road’.

today i am headed to santa rosa.  usually a good show.  thought i hadn’t done so well last year, then checked the records.  turns out it was 2009 that was the bummer year.  so, hopes are high for this year.  also get to spend time with ruth, always a good thing.  plus, she is house/dog sitting right there in santa rosa, short drive to show – yea!

new hanging racks are working great.  even did the setup that doesn’t require the half ‘wall’ across the front.  my idea of inserting something into the corner post and hanging the rack from it, worked!!  that is very good as i don’t have enough poles or crossbars to do the half wall if i have a 15 ft booth.  life is good!

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seems the last post was the day before departure – sometimes hard to remember what i’m doing today, let alone last week!  anyway, red bluff was a success – did better than ‘minimum acceptable’ and looks like i will be teaching at shop in redding in july.  info is on the website – only tentative at the moment – will update when confirmed.

have been having a lot of trouble getting myself to be productive since i got back.  was just wiped out on monday – marginally better yesterday.  today, just no choice about it, must do some things.  the rack hanging was a near disaster – really needed to ‘test drive’.  as a result, setup was long and hard and extremely stressful.  managed to get it all to work – not before i bonked myself in the head.  better me than customer!!  weather has also been a problem for me these 3 days – cold and rainy.  some on and off sun today, so a tad better.  have just finished the cover for the new rack and altered the other one.  now must pull some poles out of van and do a partial setup to see how i can rig those racks.  ugh.  of course that means pulling even more out of the van in order to get to the poles.  no rest for the weary (or wicked).

so here’s a little smile for ya – since i  forgot to take pictures of the new setup (even tho i did take the camera).

   and now it’s off to work for me – plus trip to home depot for at least some zip ties.  oh, am headed to fallon, nv!  you might want to check out the show if in that area! ^_^

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While the trip tomorrow is not a long one – red bluff, just under 3 hours – it is the beginning of another one of those crazy schedules – as in, i was crazy to have scheduled myself that way!!  anyway, i am excited about what i am planning for today – it’s the engineer in me, added to the creativity part- the finding of a solution and new way of doing things, etc.

so, yesterday i added all the ‘hooks’ to the newly constructed rack and stained it.  i had to go to the local hardware store to find enough of the large, ‘fender’ washers i use to keep the bolts (that are the hooks) parallel.  i had bought all home depot had last week, and when i checked again day before, they were still out.  while i was able to buy them ‘bulk’, and even discovered one slightly smaller in dia that seems to allow for closer spacing when using both sides of the rack (mesh) – i also discovered that they cost 2 1/2 times as much!  seriously!  paid $15 for 50 instead of $6 for 48.  yikes!  ok, so i also had to admit to myself that home depot is the walmart of ‘hardware, etc’ – and my shopping there makes me a bit of a hypocrite -( i do a personal, semi-boycot of walmart.) ^_^  grrrr

ok, back to the good part.  while in the hardware store, i also found the solution for hanging the rack!  i am psyched!  plus, in my journaling this morning i realized i could split the folding screen (which is heavy and not as space efficient as i had envisioned!) and use both sides of one piece.  and, saw how to hang it in the back corner – using stuff i already have on hand!!!  i will probably end up using the other half once i have created another simply flowers design.  and the little one that now holds those will get used for the nearly nouveau kits.  while i won’t attempt to make all of those changes before i leave tomorrow – i am going to see if i can separate the folding one and get it ‘loaded’!  my goal is to finish all of the rack stuff and pack everything into van today.  plus, complete any kits i need, etc.  leaving only bare minimum for tomorrow pre-departure.  yes, it is perhaps a tall order – will give it my best shot!! 🙂

oh, and then there is the planting i must do today!  3 flowering and 2 tomato plants.  and the kits that are not yet cut.  my my

and the sad news is – no more basketball for us.  celtics are a really good example of what kinds of changes are taking place on this planet.  the old paradigm that included “brute-force” and willpower is falling away and giving way to more ‘heart-centered’ intention – true teamwork, co-operation, etc.  you cannot rip apart the heart and soul of a true ‘team’ and expect the fragmented parts to succeed, even if you have added what appears to be some ‘better’ parts.  only a true team can create synergy – and the human, logical mind can never ‘make’ that happen.  you can’t coach “ubuntu” and manage “it’s a business” (=rip apart and plug in different pieces) and expect the magic to still happen.  how long will it take to heal?  how many more pieces will get replaced?  as the song goes – “wait’ll next year and hope”  i remain green at heart. 🙂

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that was not the greatest show i’ve ever done – money-wise.  however, looks like i’ve made a new ‘friend’ and opened a new opportunity for classes.  and got to talk with suzie from main street quilts in martinez, again.  we will be choosing dates in august for classes – probably both the beginning and followup classes.  i will post the dates on the webpage and you can also contact the shop directly.  no, don’t have the # in front of me.  hmmmm, i will need to find it for myself, i think!

the other shop is broadway quilts in sonoma.  we are looking at scheduling that one for right after the santa rosa show, probably june 7th.  that # is 707-938-7312.  if you live in that area and are interested, a call now could help cement the possibility. ^_^  my beginning class is  intended for everyone – even if you’ve never taken a stitch, or if you have taken ‘many’ ^_^ and are just looking to improve in some area – or for a tip or 2.

had a conversation with good friend bobbie yesterday and sounds like she might cancel out of the show in albuquerque!  i have made that drive alone, so not a disaster for me, still, was looking forward to the time together and a possible side trip to the grand canyon on the way home.  also, when we went the last time and stayed at the ‘rv park’ (hah, parking lot!) within the fairgrounds – there were hookups, but no restroom/shower available.  that won’t work for me in the van!  have alternative ways to be clean without an actual shower – but can’t do without the potty!  😦  so, may have to find a real rv park – they didn’t seem too plentiful, as i recall.  i so love staying right where the show is!  most fairgrounds do have showers in the horse barn area – perhaps i’ll get lucky and they will have and be willing to open! ^_^  yes!

nothing new to show off here.  time before red bluff on the 13th will be spent cutting kits and making sure i have enough of everything to get thru red bluff, fallon and albq.  and, for fun, doing some beading.  would like to have some pins for albq.  i know i’m gonna buy beads while there! ^_^

dogwood is finally coming into bloom.  i’ll post a picture tomorrow.  happy spring!

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