in crunch time again – before 6 weeks on the road.  have finished any sewing i will be doing for awhile and today i must switch gears and concentrate on kits.  also need to take the latest two masters to off max for copies so i can put the patterns together!  have covers all printed and ready.

yesterday was a busy day – in many categories.  the lovely awning is back up and despite its appearance, it is indeed LOVELY!!  lowers the temp in here by at least 10 deg, maybe even more!  and i don’t lose all my view like i do with those blinds down. (which keep out only part of the sunlight and none of the heat)

then there was the celtics’ game!!  very exciting and was (as the announcers said) probably great fun to watch for those who didn’t care who won!!   as for us loyal fans (of either team!) – a real nailbiter! or heart stopper!  at least got mine beating really fast!! ^_^  now it’s on to detroit – the last hurdle before the really really big series.

and then there was the display rack. hmmm  been a few design flaws along the way.  the one last night looked pretty serious at the time, but i have now seen how it can be quickly fixed.  tom was even less enthused than he was on sat.  at least then he seemed even a little really enrolled.  yesterday – well, it was late (after game and other chores he had had to do)  and tom is definitely not the weekend warrior in the project category.  not his idea of a fun weekend – to say the least.  too bad, cause he is so good at anything he tries.  part of it could be that he is in physical pain of some kind most of the time.  he just doesn’t talk about it or let it show.  i only am reminded when he has to resort to either ice packs or the vibrating massager chair lining thingy.  his job is truly torturing his body.  sure hope the daycare thing works out well enough that he can quit!!!  progress there remains slow due to lack of funds.  a common theme these days!

and then there is still the rv ‘repair’ – the installation of the emissions monitoring sensor.  i will bring the rig home sometime wed and just keep it here until i leave very early fri a.m.  there is a game thurs night, so expect him to do the work wed night.  while it is here i hope to clean the inside a little and do some rearranging as well as all the packing.  going to be home sweet home for a couple of weeks,

oh, one last thing – the great furry hunter was at it again this morning.  i should know by now that when he comes in that back window and heads straight for the bathroom that he has brought in a playmate!  i thought he was just thirsty – then heard the sound of plastic bottles being bumped around.  went to check and discovered a small furry critter looking less than thrilled.  seemed unharmed, just terrified.  i had to rush to the kitchen for a container and hope it remained frozen in place. (really must just take one with me when i go to see!)  it did and i was able to capture and release it way in the back ‘yard’ (just wild area) and under some big metal platform thing that’s back there (not on our property).  considered taking a picture, but figured ya’ll know what a field mouse looks like! ^_-

ok, gotta get to it here

love and beauty    www.artfullyapplique.com

ok, i have figured out how to download pictures from my camera onto this laptop – directly from the camera.  this laptop does not have a slot that is compatible with the card in my camera.  only problem is, even after i did everything, i still couldn’t use the utility program from the camera software in oder to download.  who knows??  i think it has to do with vista as i saw no mention of it within the user’s manual.  sooo, found a way to at least get one picture at a time – which is all i really need anyway.

that being said, i am now going to insert one i took today – the baby titmouse!!  yes, it is alive and well and momma was showing it about the feeder! ^_^  i had to take this thru the screen and even my max zoom wasn’t sufficient.  i doubt that you can actually see the bird(s).  momma is at the feeder and the youngin is to the right and on the branch, so just about ‘due right’ from the feeder. (i know you can’t even really see momma at the feeder!  i’ll try again if they come back.

discovered one interesting thing in this process – vista saves photos on the desktop as actual pictures, not as a ‘logo’ thing.

ok, back to work here.  am finishing up the #17 in the ancient art series.  also have the final ring to applique – that which attaches the mini to the dress.  and a second mini begun – for the last of the three new dresses.  and i am to leave town on thurs.  hmmmm   have all but the mini tub inventoried and packed.  am ok for these next two shows – unless this first one turns out to be fabulous! (one can only hope).  i will have just one day here when i get back – before heading out to albuquerque!  yes, all by my self.  looooong drive.  haven’t taught sophie to drive yet.  (next two shows are rv trips)(not that she can drive the van) ^_^

this will be a busy weekend – for both tom and me.  i have designed a display ‘rack’  for ‘us’ to build (because i am out of ‘slots’ and have several new designs/patterns/kits.)  have been attempting to make do with baskets, etc.  not working all that well.  no $$ or even floor space, for a new spinner – so needed a table model ‘something’.  i’ll post a picture once it’s done – and then report on how well it worked.  that includes how it packs, etc – not just function.

one thing for sure – if this heat stays, i’ll be very very happy to be at the coast next weekend!  show is in ft bragg.  see ya there!? ^_^

love and beauty   www,artfullyapplique.com

gosh it’s great to have the rv right here!  so much easier to get everything together.  just went up to light the fridge so it won’t be totally warm when i put stuff into it.  and there’s the dryer telling me my travelin pants are ready! ^_^  just have to clean the body and pack the last minute food items, etc.

i was wrong about the gas prices – off by about 10 cents!  checked the local stations as i came back – $3.79 the cheapest and $3.95 the highest.  didn’t go by the station that is usually less than these – probably not a big difference!  i will be going to safeway (grocery store with associated pumps) where i get a (phony?) discount with the ‘savings’ card.  don’t expect less than $3.70, that’s for sure.  dang!  must mean i’m going to make a lot of money this weekend. ^_^

ok, still need to check the local weather to make sure i have packed my down time clothes properly.  don’t know if i will have internet service.  or tv hookup so i can watch the bruins’ game tomorrow night!  can’t believe they won last night!!  yea!!

got an email from sis about the earthquake in the midwest.  amazing.  and she thought i was in a danger zone!!  looks like it was a pretty good one – or should i say ‘bad’!  interesting.

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com

it’s that day again – last one before  departure.  (to hollister) i will be taking the rv, (and staying at a lovely rv park – with roosters in the trees!) so there is that to do.  i am now doing it differently, tho.  because i was forced to bring it home one night, due to the new ‘rules’ where i store it – i found i could actually back it into the space just outside our driveway.  and in such a way as to still allow tom to fet in and out of the driveway.  i managed to miss the fence by about two inches – hey, that’s all ya need – it’s still a miss! ^_^  so, soon i will be going to get ‘er.  prbably need to stop at the gas station and give up the last of my funds – i was shocked to notice the gas prices when i went out the other day.  when did THAT happen – again??!!!  i suspect i will be paying about $3.65 – perhaps as much as $3.75???  at 8 – 10 mpg, well – you get the picture!!!  feels a little like literally burning that paper stuff we call money!

anyway, i am nearly ready.  turned this thing on to print the last of the covers i need – unless i get that new fused sample made – then i’ll need to take a picture and print those covers.  we’ll see.  i even got the mini sewn onto one of the new dresses that i bought in houston.  was getting tired of wearing the same old 4 – and they are all dark.  i bought some light colors this time. 

 i am taking both a black and a white shirt for underneath.  probably wear the white one for spring/summer and save the black one for fall/winter.

it’s a good thing i have a show – not just cause i so need the money.  i am very settled into being at home and experiencing my usual difficulty in getting myself out!  have chosen to not drink any wine this week, so really no reason to go out. ^_^  even had enough coffee and cream – the other thing that forces me out.  yes, i am a hermit by nature.

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com

of rain. of wind. and of slow slow slow shows.  what else can i say at this point – as the wind whips around outside and the rain slams against the windows.  ok, i can say i am sooooo glad to be home!  and not having to hit the road again for about a month.  lovely.  the drive there on friday and the stretch on 50 tonight were pretty stressful.  that big box is quite a wind target and i get bounced around a lot. (dang, that wind is really blowing! seldom get rain pounding on the windows.  guess i’d best be turning this thing off.  this is when we lose power. )

only one small problem – the rv is parked across the entrance to the driveway – which means i must get up and move it so tom can go to work in the morning.  at least i was able to pull far enough in that i am not in the ‘red’ zone the fire department painted off!  and there were no trees hitting the top.  (cept at the beginning of the street).  so, this is what i will be able to do each time, now.  turns out the rv storage place has finally tightened up their security.  they are now doing what they said they were doing before – you can get thru the gate with the lock combination, and only from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm.  then security comes and turns on the alarm, for real and about that time – not 9:45 like before.  so, there is no way to get in after 7:30.  and i am seldom home before that unless i have decided to wait and come home monday morning.  the other option was to go to where erv is currently living – another storage place not far away – and have him drive me home.  then hitch a ride with tom in the morning.  i wasn’t thrilled with that option and was happy to think about the one i chose.  was even happier when i found out i fit within the ‘legal’ parking space.  plus, before i take it to storage, i can remove all the product tubs so i can get them reorganized and restocked.  yea!

oh how i am looking forward to sewing those new designs!  i’ll keep you posted.

love and beauty

it’s another d-day for me – to tracy to setup for the show this weekend.  it’s at 10th and east street, just off 11th st.  well, duh –      10th would normally be just one block from 11th i’ll bet. ^_^  anyway, if i remember correctly – you end up on 11th if you take the tracy exit off i-5 (not off i-205).  if you take the tracy blvd exit off i-205, you would then turn left on 11th & right on 10th.  you’re looking for the tracy community center.

the jacket class went well!  both ladies are doing the flannel jacket and we made really good progress.  only sleeves and trim left to do, yea!  they both seemed well pleased.  the jacket itself is very easy to put together.  it’s the fabric placement and construction of the patchwork pieces from which you cut the actual jacket pieces that gets confusing.  there are worksheets included with the pattern to make it a little easier to keep track. 

blk-wht-front.jpgthis is the front view of it (duh, like it would be open in the back!)  this is one that i got confused with when i made it!   the left front and and right sleeve (as worn, not as viewed) should be reversed with regard to the light/dark fabric placement.  when i checked the sample in the shop – dang if i hadn’t made the same mistake again.  geeeezzz fortunately i pay better attention with my students! ^_^

ok, gotta go – time to clean up the body and get the last stuff to the van.  taking the rv and supposed to be camping in someone’s driveway.  called her last night to discover she was out of town.  her husband seemed a bit ‘uninformed’ – probably thought he was talking to some kook! ^_^  well, ok, not far from wrong!  fortunately she is due home today.

love and beauty

been having trouble getting to this the past couple of days.  seems no rest for the weary around here. ^_^

we arrived home safe and nearly sound about 2pm on mon.  grabbed a few necessities from the trailer and headed to carla’s to pick up the quilt.  wow!  what a great job she did!  you can check out some of the other great stuff she does on her blog – feathered fibers – at the link here.  got home in time to rest a bit and watch the celtics’ game.  then tues early, it was off to san anselmo and novato.  got back home around 4:30 and left again at 6 to take the quilt to the meeting for the big ‘unveiling’.  it was definitely well received.  whew.  and carla’s quilting stole the show.  hardly anyone even noticed the applique.  ^_^  that’s ok – just needed it to be accepted with enthusiasm!  gotta sell those tickets, don’t cha know!

today was about retrieving tubs and getting the rv oil changed and then loading everything into it  (into the cabin, not into the oil).  ^_^ i didn’t even bother to reorganize.  should make for an interesting setup on friday.

tomorrow i am teaching the jacket class at high sierra.  it’s an all day class, so not much time for all the other prep i need to do – like laundry, etc!!  right now, going up to eat and watch the celtics.  yea!

love and beauty

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