it’s that day again – last one before  departure.  (to hollister) i will be taking the rv, (and staying at a lovely rv park – with roosters in the trees!) so there is that to do.  i am now doing it differently, tho.  because i was forced to bring it home one night, due to the new ‘rules’ where i store it – i found i could actually back it into the space just outside our driveway.  and in such a way as to still allow tom to fet in and out of the driveway.  i managed to miss the fence by about two inches – hey, that’s all ya need – it’s still a miss! ^_^  so, soon i will be going to get ‘er.  prbably need to stop at the gas station and give up the last of my funds – i was shocked to notice the gas prices when i went out the other day.  when did THAT happen – again??!!!  i suspect i will be paying about $3.65 – perhaps as much as $3.75???  at 8 – 10 mpg, well – you get the picture!!!  feels a little like literally burning that paper stuff we call money!

anyway, i am nearly ready.  turned this thing on to print the last of the covers i need – unless i get that new fused sample made – then i’ll need to take a picture and print those covers.  we’ll see.  i even got the mini sewn onto one of the new dresses that i bought in houston.  was getting tired of wearing the same old 4 – and they are all dark.  i bought some light colors this time. 

 i am taking both a black and a white shirt for underneath.  probably wear the white one for spring/summer and save the black one for fall/winter.

it’s a good thing i have a show – not just cause i so need the money.  i am very settled into being at home and experiencing my usual difficulty in getting myself out!  have chosen to not drink any wine this week, so really no reason to go out. ^_^  even had enough coffee and cream – the other thing that forces me out.  yes, i am a hermit by nature.

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of rain. of wind. and of slow slow slow shows.  what else can i say at this point – as the wind whips around outside and the rain slams against the windows.  ok, i can say i am sooooo glad to be home!  and not having to hit the road again for about a month.  lovely.  the drive there on friday and the stretch on 50 tonight were pretty stressful.  that big box is quite a wind target and i get bounced around a lot. (dang, that wind is really blowing! seldom get rain pounding on the windows.  guess i’d best be turning this thing off.  this is when we lose power. )

only one small problem – the rv is parked across the entrance to the driveway – which means i must get up and move it so tom can go to work in the morning.  at least i was able to pull far enough in that i am not in the ‘red’ zone the fire department painted off!  and there were no trees hitting the top.  (cept at the beginning of the street).  so, this is what i will be able to do each time, now.  turns out the rv storage place has finally tightened up their security.  they are now doing what they said they were doing before – you can get thru the gate with the lock combination, and only from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm.  then security comes and turns on the alarm, for real and about that time – not 9:45 like before.  so, there is no way to get in after 7:30.  and i am seldom home before that unless i have decided to wait and come home monday morning.  the other option was to go to where erv is currently living – another storage place not far away – and have him drive me home.  then hitch a ride with tom in the morning.  i wasn’t thrilled with that option and was happy to think about the one i chose.  was even happier when i found out i fit within the ‘legal’ parking space.  plus, before i take it to storage, i can remove all the product tubs so i can get them reorganized and restocked.  yea!

oh how i am looking forward to sewing those new designs!  i’ll keep you posted.

love and beauty

it’s another d-day for me – to tracy to setup for the show this weekend.  it’s at 10th and east street, just off 11th st.  well, duh –      10th would normally be just one block from 11th i’ll bet. ^_^  anyway, if i remember correctly – you end up on 11th if you take the tracy exit off i-5 (not off i-205).  if you take the tracy blvd exit off i-205, you would then turn left on 11th & right on 10th.  you’re looking for the tracy community center.

the jacket class went well!  both ladies are doing the flannel jacket and we made really good progress.  only sleeves and trim left to do, yea!  they both seemed well pleased.  the jacket itself is very easy to put together.  it’s the fabric placement and construction of the patchwork pieces from which you cut the actual jacket pieces that gets confusing.  there are worksheets included with the pattern to make it a little easier to keep track. 

blk-wht-front.jpgthis is the front view of it (duh, like it would be open in the back!)  this is one that i got confused with when i made it!   the left front and and right sleeve (as worn, not as viewed) should be reversed with regard to the light/dark fabric placement.  when i checked the sample in the shop – dang if i hadn’t made the same mistake again.  geeeezzz fortunately i pay better attention with my students! ^_^

ok, gotta go – time to clean up the body and get the last stuff to the van.  taking the rv and supposed to be camping in someone’s driveway.  called her last night to discover she was out of town.  her husband seemed a bit ‘uninformed’ – probably thought he was talking to some kook! ^_^  well, ok, not far from wrong!  fortunately she is due home today.

love and beauty

been having trouble getting to this the past couple of days.  seems no rest for the weary around here. ^_^

we arrived home safe and nearly sound about 2pm on mon.  grabbed a few necessities from the trailer and headed to carla’s to pick up the quilt.  wow!  what a great job she did!  you can check out some of the other great stuff she does on her blog – feathered fibers – at the link here.  got home in time to rest a bit and watch the celtics’ game.  then tues early, it was off to san anselmo and novato.  got back home around 4:30 and left again at 6 to take the quilt to the meeting for the big ‘unveiling’.  it was definitely well received.  whew.  and carla’s quilting stole the show.  hardly anyone even noticed the applique.  ^_^  that’s ok – just needed it to be accepted with enthusiasm!  gotta sell those tickets, don’t cha know!

today was about retrieving tubs and getting the rv oil changed and then loading everything into it  (into the cabin, not into the oil).  ^_^ i didn’t even bother to reorganize.  should make for an interesting setup on friday.

tomorrow i am teaching the jacket class at high sierra.  it’s an all day class, so not much time for all the other prep i need to do – like laundry, etc!!  right now, going up to eat and watch the celtics.  yea!

love and beauty

so, here i am in those blasted winds again.  the old santa anna’s are all the way over here – only this time they are a bit chilly and blowing dust around.  supposed to be gone by the time we are ready to leave, which is very good news for woody.  handling this big long trailer in a cross wind is not exactly fun.

my my my – why DO people come down here to do this?  just to escape some cold weather???  not exactly toasty here!  and here we are, tucked in between two other rigs in a space barely wide enough for the slideout – altho there is also a parking place on the opposite side, just on the other side of the little piece of concrete called a patio.  there is a pool and spa and rec room and darts’ room, etc etc etc.  but here in the ‘house’ – not an inch of privacy with the shades up.  and nothing green on the ground – only at the top of the smallish trees – which all have snow white trunks.  other than the white, they look like orange trees. (without fruit).

at first i thought there was no shower room, but found one this morning. whew!  i do hate using the shower in here.  first, not mine. second, in their bedroom!  third, just not all that big.  ^_^

yikes, just looked at my hands!  this dry air is finally getting to me.  i thought it was ‘bad’ at home!  much worse here – beginning to look like a fish all over!

ok, speaking of that shower – about time to go use it and get ready to go setup.  unfortunately, given how hard it is to get into this spot, we will once again have to load it all into the pickup – not an easy fete, i might add!  woody has decided not to go so we can use the whole back seat and thus maybe get it all in better??  we shall see.  i suspect we will still need to take some stuff tomorrow.  or do two trips today??  we only have 4 hours for setup, so we will have to be somewhat efficient. ^_^

ok, off to the shower.

love and beauty

well, we have survived another show.  it was pretty good – altho sunday was a bit of a ‘no show’.  it’s amazing how much faster it goes with 3 people ‘tearing down’.  it usually takes me at least 2 hours to get it down and out and packed before i pull out.  we were back here in the trailer in just 2 hours.  still, a little stressful for a control freak who has just her own way – dont cha know. ^_^

we had a lovely day today – just back from an all day excursion at the desert museum – most of which is an outdoor experience.  the weather was perfect and there is sooooo much to see there.  we went with my vendor buddies from “glitz and glamour” (they do the iron on sparklies).  woody is reviewing the pictures he took even as we speak here.  we got a really good first hand experience of the cactus wren – the subject of bobbie’s latest design.  (it sold really well – can’t say the same for my cyclamen.  wrong area i think)  anyway, if you’re ever in the area i highly recommend a visit – just leave lots of time!  i’m going to get woody to send me a couple of pics to share on here.

we are all yawning again – all that fresh air can do it to ya.

love and beauty

well, we made it safely.  as expected, woody did all the driving.  bobbie tried to convince him she could handle it on the straight, flat section – just to give him a break.  not to mention, as my friend geri always said, ya gotta be able to drive it just in case the old fart keels over on ya while you’re on the road.  sorry, perhaps not terribly delicately stated – still, true.  i mean, what if he just gets too sick to drive, or something.??  not to mention that a man who has been driving for two full days get pretty cantankerous!  but, we are here and all is well at the moment.

ok, so i am being serenaded by the pump while woody is taking a shower – and both the pump and the dripping water sound as if my feet are doing to get wet. ^_^  still, overall, it’s a really nice rig, and without this hide-a-bed open – there’s plenty of room to move around in this living area.  their bedroom is definitely very nice.  only problem with having a guest on board – ME! – is that the ‘bathroom’ is actually in their bedroom.  which, being a 5th-wheel, is up a couple steps.  now the toilet is actually a little water closet, but the shower and sink are IN the bedroom.  i will definitely be showering in the park facility in the morning!!  and, fortunately, i seldom have the urge during the night – tho i’ve been assured it is ok.  once we have unloaded/setup tomorrow – i will be using the “toy” section for my bedroom – which won’t solve the toilet situation/problem, but will put me behind a door away from them – albeit, with no heat, but what the heck, that’s the way i sleep at home!  it will also eliminate this bed in the way here.

so here is the picture of the rig – took forever for it to reach my computer from my phone!! so couldn’t show before i left.

long1.jpghome sweet home – at least for these two weeks.

they have both, now retired for the night.  feeling kinda tired myself.  my body thinks it’s 8:30, but local time is 9:30.  guesss that makes it ok to give up for the day.

love and beauty

been looking like 5 pm since about 2:00 – big storm on the way.  rain, not very cold, 50’s, so not a snow storm!  and that weather report had bobbie call with a request to bring stuff over today, even tho we don’t leave until tues!  ugh, i really didn’t want to go back out again.  but – given this time i am NOT the one in command and at the wheel – i must practice my slowly developing allowing someone else to be in ‘control’.  so, i pushed, pulled, moved etc to get to the things i could hand over to be packed – everything except the product tubs.  i think they are ok, but i need to check one more time – AND decide just how many kits i want to take.    also, sandy’s hubby delivered the quilt back – a day early because it might be raining hard tomorrow. ????  i haven’t checked the weather, but sounds like it is supposed to rain all the time before we leave.

well, i took a couple pictures with my new cellphone – i wonder if i can get them onto this laptop.  forgot i just have to ’email’ them rather than doing a card reader download.  let’s see what happens. 

packing.jpgso, here’s woody attempting to load/pack the toy hauler portion of the new 5th wheel – that in which we will be soon driving across the country. i finally had to just leave – partly because i really did have to get back here and sew; partly cause i just couldn’t deal with it.  tough for a master packer to watch an amateur. ^_^  he was still mumbling when i left, i think.  actually had thrown in the towel for the day as i noticed he was closing it all up even before i got into the van.  and this time it’s just not my problem.  yea!!  neither the grouching nor the packing. ^_^  that’s bobbie – she will have to deal with it.  sometimes i do remember how come i’m single.  sometimes i forget and wish i weren’t.

i took another picture to show how big that trailer is!!  it hasn’t arrived yet – seems like it shouldn’t take this long.  only had to travel about 2 feet from cellphone to this laptop.  ^_^ and it’s been long enough that it really is dark out there now.  maybe it got lost.  if it arrives tomorrow, i will post it then.

love and beauty

it is now just after noon, and it has already been an interesting day. ^_^  i was in the shower and luxuriating with the warm water flowing over me.  had just lathered my face in cleansing cream, when, poof – no more water flow! ??  i listened and heard no sounds of gushing water behind the shower wall, nor outside.  hmmm  then heard sophie barking outside. ahah – as i suspected, tom out there and doing something which required the water to be shut off.  so, around went the towel and out the door i went.  “hey, what’s up?” says i.  “going to fix the leaking (outdoor) faucet”, says he.  “were you in the shower?”  no, dearie, i always take an early morning stroll around the property dressed only in a towel.  kind of invigorating, don’t cha know! 

no, didn’t actually say that – just begged for 5 minutes so i could complete the washing process!  came back in and filled the coffee maker and then went back to showering!

next time i went up he had discovered the real source of our huge water bills lately.  i mean, there have been no teens and only limited grass watering – with no real effect on the bill.  that is what prompted him to go ahead and fix the leaking faucet – which he had discovered the day he did the roto-rootering.  which, by the way, seems to have taken care of my bathroom flooding.  yea!  anyway, turns out the pipe that connects the two valves inside that concrete box to the inlet pipe to the house – was a pvc angle that (no big surprise!) had broken.  he is, even as we speak, in the process of replacing it.  fortunately, there were still pitchers of water stored in the fridge up there – (for when they were out of town and in fear of the water being turned off – so i would have something to use.) so i do at least have something to drink.   ahhhh, the joys of home ownership.  tried to warn him. ^_^

i didn’t mention last night the small blessing i had when i got back in town.  oh, or that there was another vendor up there who lives in pollack pines (up the hill from here).  we decided to ‘caravan’ all the way – it kinda helped to keep us both awake.  i mean, we had been ‘at work’ since 9 a.m.!  anyway – i had called erv right after i got on the road.  wanted to see if the gate alarm had been repaired, cause if not – i didn’t have to use the back gate and could just come in where i always do.  it hadn’t, yea!  i told him i’d be home around midnight – he promised not to wait up. ^_^  however, when i was just a couple exits away and it was about ten till twelve – my cellphone rang and it was erv!  “what are you doing up?!” –  he claimed he had been awakened by his bladder (not exactly how he put it, but you get the picture) and thought he’d call to see how close i was and would unlock the gate if i were close.  i told him i was – so when i arrived, there he was and the gate was wide open – how nice!!  he also helped me move the few things from rv to van – and i was on my way home in no time.  wonderful!

and that’s my story for today – so far. ^_^  now here’s a couple great ‘quotes’ for you.

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.    ….Hafiz

There is something Divine about us which we have overlooked.  There is more to us than we realize.   ….The Science of Mind, pg 388

love and beauty

another birthday.  they are pretty non-wonderful these days.  essentially nothing happened – my son walked all the way down here with my mail in order to say happy birthday and ‘sorry, i don’t have anything for you but your mail’.  ok, then.  such is life with a tight budget!  did get a call from the girls – that was nice.  and suzanna stopped by with a lovely yellow tea rose and card. (she is the mother of the youngest grandchild, marcus)

i, like most everyone else on their birthday, worked.  got all the mini kits cut and enough folded to replenish what i needed.  can’t say i did much else – heck, it WAS by birthday!! ^_^

today i must take it all back to the rv and get ready to leave early tomorrow for yreka.  it’s only a (small) one day show.  while i can really use the cash flow right now, it’s probably not such a business savvy trip.  it’s about 5 hours, and gas prices have gone right back up – grrrr.  that rv is quite the gas hog!  and then next weekend, i go back up that way to chico.  that will be my last trip north.  after that it’s all ‘down south’ – including the long trip to houston.  where has this year gone???

the weather here is about perfect.  love this time of year.  good sleeping at night and mild temps during the day.  lots of sunshine since the rain last weekend.  leaves beginning to turn.  yes, we do have seasons in this part of calif.  just not as much color as new england.  the sun has moved toward the south, so i can take down that beautiful awning soon.  with the lower temps and the non-direct shining in, i don’t need it and rather like the increased light.  besides, it doesn’t handle the rain very well.

awning.jpgok, so it’s not really beautiful, but it does get the job done!  during the summer the sun shines directly thru that big window and even if i didn’t mind the light – the heat is something else!!  that big window is very old – single panes!  gets very hot at the sewing machine and ironing board – too hot for me!!  don’t even stand at the cutting table in the afternoon.  and, yes, i did make the awning myself.  the frame is abf pipe – the waste water version of pvc (black).  pvc does not come in the y-shaped piece i needed.  it may be b-ugly, but it has served me well for several years now!  the awning itself is that thermal ‘fabric’ that is like quilt batting with a metalic coating. ^_^  very effective.

love and beauty

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