i have just finished doing what should have been done years ago – yes, sometimes i do move that slowly!!

i have removed all those samples from the ‘boards’.  this is the set of samples that used to hang in the booth – along with the set that became ” the quilt”.  in fact, this was the ‘first’, as in ‘favorite’ set (for me).  why then, you ask, were they not the ones used for the quilt??  well, because it was never my intention to make a quilt!!  both sets were hung in the booth – so people could see how very different each looked when done in different ‘colors’.  i was sharing a booth with geri and it was a ‘small’ booth – even smaller than the normal 10×10!!  there was not room to display that many strips of samples – so i cut the number of strips in half by displaying just one ‘colorway’ of each design.  the ‘second set’ of  blocks were just being ‘stored’ while waiting to be rejoined – and then i awoke to one of those messages in my head – “Why don’t you sew those blocks together?”  i attempted to argue my case – that “I don’t do that”, to no avail.  there is just no arguing with THAT voice!! ^_^

so, that is the short story of how “The Quilt” came into being.  it has won ribbons and received lots of ‘kind words’ over all these years since.  and few know that there is still my ‘favorite’ set of samples tucked away.  and today i finally removed all the tape, etc and they are neatly stacked ‘in waiting’.  and i don’t really know what’s next for them.  “The Quilt” has been appraised at $4500 – amazing, i think!!  i have told many people when they asked  ‘how much would something like that cost?’ – min $2500.  obviously no takers as yet. ^_^  since i already have that ‘nice’ quilt to pass on to no one who really wants it – no good reason to make something ‘for myself’.  so here are the options i am currently sort of considering (while waiting for divine guidance!!):

1.  sell them as is – trimmed and ready to be sewn together – $1200

2.  sew them together and sell them for $2500 – buyer to at least pay for quilting and binding, if not just handling it themselves.

3.  sew them together, have them quilted, bind it and sell for ?????

4. ????????????????


the quiltin case you have never seen me at a show – or visited the webpage – here’s a picture of ‘the quilt’.  these blocks are available as individual patterns (& kits) or in a package for a discount.  all found on the webpage.







anyway – i’d appreciate any feedback – just for the fun of it.  and since i know ‘guidance’ can come in many guises. ^_^  and, as i looked at this post in preview – i realized – both sets can be seen in that picture at the top!!  the quilt is in the center and there are 2 strips of samples on either side of it!  i guess i used to to that in the booth – before the nearly nouveau series was born. ^_^


just finished doing a fused sample for the cone flower using white with green centers.  several years ago my friend bobbie did a pattern called “Irish Eyes” – wow, never heard of those!  Love ’em!  Then last year i spent a night at a small bed & breakfast and there were wonderful clusters of them growing in the lovely gardens!  the other day i got one of those ‘messages’  “do the cone flower in whites” – hmmm, ok, i can do that.  chose to fuse just to make sure it got finished before the next show. ^_^  i will admit it – i think those tiny pieces are easier to sew than cut out! ended up having to use 4 different whites instead of just 2 – 2 for outside of petals and 2 frosted ones for undersides.  helps define the petals better – looks less like a ‘blob’.

white cone





as usual, the framing fabric does not photograph well – it’s the more olive one that i often use – a moda marble.  overall, looks better ‘in person’. ^_^  you can see it at the show in watsonville on feb 23,24.

i finally pushed myself to do it – add the beads to the full-size hibiscus.  have no idea howcome i didn’t wanna – annoying when that happens. ^_^  so, here’s a close-up of that area.  and once i post this, i’m off to add this one to the webpage – along with the smaller version.  yea!  and that completes all the new designs.  still have the peony hand dye sample to finish and cut those kits and add to page.  then??  guess i’ll have to buckle down and do the restocking.  oh, and have to do some rearranging on the racks to fit all the new stuff on!!  can’t sell it in the booth if you can’t see it! ^_^

hibis beads

i have now completed all 4 of the new smaller designs and have published 3 – will do the 4th today and get it posted on the webpage!  still have kits to cut.  i also have all the pieces together – copies of everything – to add the package of all 4 patterns.  while the individual ones will be kits only – you can purchase the 4 patterns in one package for $26 (each pattern being valued at $8).  here is how they will be displayed in the booth – except i have changed the order – put the tiger at the top, then hibiscus, susan, cone.  kind of wish that molding came in black – have only ever seen it white.  could only get scratched i think – if i tried to ‘paint’ it.  hmmm – wonder if a sharpie would hold up???  may try on a spare piece and see how easily it scratches.

oh, they are available on the webpage – each kit is $10.50.  if you purchase all 4, i would do for $36.  will put the last one and group on today.


la petite 4

I have finished the 3rd of the 4 small flowers.  well, the blocks are just 8″, the flowers are actually kinda large. ^_^  the 4th one is nearly finished – just needs a bud and a leaf.  maybe tomorrow??

so, here is the tiger lily done in yellow and just the one blossom.  all 3 are now available on the page.


petite tiger

i have just finished all the nitty-gritty stuff and will be adding the tiger lily to the webpage in just a few minutes.  hmm, given how i’m feeling, guess i’d best ‘break for lunch’ first!!  i often forget!  feeling a tad shaky. 😦  oops!!  so, here’s the picture – in case you missed it. ^_^

tiger done

just one more bud and a few beads and this baby will be ready!  trying to get myself motivated today – not having much luck.  have plenty of ‘other’ work to do – to publish all the new patterns and to cut all the kits.  and here i am on this thing instead. ^_^

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