however, this one is nearly gone as well!  i didn’t get to the rv to do the water tank flush and refill yet.  missed my opportunity earlier when it was still ‘cool’ – watched the delayed broadcast of the bengals’ game. ^_^ my rare moments with tom!  anyway, so now am waiting for it to cool a little again.  at least for the sun to be not so straight down on me.  which means as soon as i finish here.

i guess i’m nearly ready.  have chosen some clothes – other than the ‘in the booth’ ones, and those i still have to do the drycleaning thing – tomorrow.  don’t need to head out all that early.  am just going to stay someplace outside of medford, so it’s a short drive in the morning t0 jacksonville.  class begins at 9:30 – don’t be late! ^_^

just finished the last big leaf on that iris for the opp quilt, and packed all the gear so i can work on it while i’m on the road.  cut all the templates to make it easier to work on in the booth or in the rv.  i have heard lots of ‘promises’ that the show won’t be very busy.  would rather have them all be wrong – but just in case…….  will also take the big tub full of unfolded kits, again.  sometimes that’s about all i can get myself to do – if even that!  don’t do as much ‘work’ in the evenings as i used to when this kind of ‘work’ was ‘play’.  it was an escape from all the stuff i had to do then – like two jobs and school, etc, etc.  how did we do all that???  something to this being young (and stupid!) ^_^

so, when i go to the rv shortly, i will take the last of the tubs and get everything packed – yes, except for what i always think is ‘just a few personal things’ that seems to take 3 trips up the path – even using the wagon!  just can’t bring myself to put the laptop and ‘office’ (with the bank in it) into the van the night before.  not with all the strange folks the teens had walking in and out of here.  seems that has stopped since they are all gone – but ya just never know.  i’m sure some of them were ‘homeless’ and i suspect someplace they know they could get into might be tempting on a bad day.  has made it a real pain with both garage doors locked – hate having to remember to take a key with me.  ahhh, the joys of children.  can you believe we used to think it would be so much easier once they were grown up – and didn’t get into stuff or break things. ho ho ho  teenagers make toddlers look like angels! ^_^  ok, so they all are – but you know what i mean. ^_^

ok, erv just called wondering when i’m coming to do the rv thing.  he needs to run down the road for cigars – so i told him i would be there shortly.  bye  talk to you from somewhere!

love and beauty

doing well, i think – with this ‘home alone’ stuff.  doing my best to stay positive in the face of lots of negative ‘facts’ – mostly to do with money.  oh, and with the teens.  not much good news there.  but, for now – suspending all of that.  just talked with tom and he has been doing as i (and the kids!) had hoped – sharing things about himself from way back then.  they are at his grandmother’s home.  she is no longer alive and the farm is still awaiting final whatever.  it is an historical site/building, so will be preserved – just not going to have any of the burns family living in it, ultimately.  so this is their last chance to be there, probably.  tom’s dad is living there to care for it until final decisions are made.  just too bad the way things are these days – that it can’t be passed down because no one person could afford to ‘own’ it.  and, probably, my tom is the only one who wants it.  in that regard, i am kinda thankful he can’t have it.  i do NOT want to go back to ohio – nor would i want to live that far away from him again.  complicated stuff, families!!

did some folding of fabric, and printed kit covers – so everything i folded in waldport is now complete.  i still have two sets to fold, plus two still to be cut. (that is only for the nearly nouveau series – haven’t even begun the ancient art!)  i am really not enjoying this.  much easier to do only 8 at a time.  this 16-24 stuff is a drag! ^_^  still, i will be very happy later – when i am preparing for piqf and houston and won’t have to worry about cutting kits!!

i also finished the applique on the (one of several!) motif for the opp. quilt and began sewing on some beads to embellish it.  also got out the paper template for the  background and did a rough new layout that includes the 20″ circle that was originally going to be a separate block.  i think i won’t need as many of the 6″ circles now.  i am also planning to add a wide border and do some bamboo in it – and it will probably spill over into the background.  so i need some open space, for sure.

after i let the 3 “kittens” out, they all came down here – to drink from the fountain.  the black one was here yesterday and i didn’t get a picture – was able to do that today.  as you can see, they are drinking from the ‘bubbler’ (as they say in boston) just like we would. ^_^  they are really missing all the people being around!

kitts1.jpgblack one is Macy, and tiger one is BC – go figure. ^_^  i think bc is going to turn out to be a maine coon type. 

kitts2.jpgand there’s the brat cat, Woody.  rare female ‘orange’ cat.  if you are wondering, the little kids named them. ^_^  cept tom named bc.  what can i say?

love and beauty

they are all gone – boo hoo!  feels very alone here.  been a stressful week, i can say that!  that show in florence was definitely nothing to write home about!  and then the long drive home didn’t help.  i did drive to hugo and stay that night.  then, i stopped at the quilt shop in ashland, Quiltz – where i will be teaching a class on sept 22.   spent way longer than expected there, so by the time i stopped at the rv storage, took out all the food and personals, manuevered vehicles and drove home – it was past 9:00pm and i was very tired.

the next morning i was up and back on the road by 8:00, to go for my appointment.  then some time with my brother that was less than great – we were ok, i mean it wasn’t that we were out of sorts with each other.  just one of those days with him when things don’t go exactly as planned.  we were going to have lunch at a special restaurant, one that has just reopend after a fire and an extensive and meticulous rebuild.  one of those deals where if he were to rebuild, it had to be done exactly like it was before!!  nothing added or moved, etc.  so, my dear brother has been photographing this process for however long it’s been – like years.  so this was to be a big kind of deal.  only problem, as usual, himself forgot about something called ‘time’ and we arrived just at (lunch) closing time.  scrap that idea!

then we went on up to bodega to visit the artist co-op and his ex-long term significant other – a person i still consider a friend.  deal was his advice had been asked with regard to color choices for painting the outside of the small building that houses the co-op.  unfortunately, when we arrived there were already (non-english speaking) men painting!  it’s a long and silly story – let’s just say we were there for a couple of hours – and i never did get lunch.  and i was very hungry.

then we had to go to carol’s house to pick up some newspaper article.  i enjoyed the garden and the chickens – however, i was still starving.  eventually we got back to his house and i beat it up 101 to ruth’s house as fast as i could go.  ok, with one stop at trader joe’s for goodies and wine.  i mean, ya just can’t drive right past the place!!

ruth and i had a lovely evening – she had gathered a few things for dinner – and i took a few.  since it was nearly 9:00 by the time i got there, (i think) the evening went very quickly!

in the morning, early, we loaded up the van with baskets of clothing and who knows what all.  turns out ruth and her friend kate had finally found a house to rent!  they have been looking for some time – needed not only 3 bedrooms, but at least a 2 car garage that could be converted into a studio for ruth – to do her antique book binding and repair  business!!  i have been dreading this a little, as i love going to petaluma and especially loved her studio.  however, it does not have exactly perfect facilities – as in, no hot water, no shower, etc.  as it turned out, i do really like the new place.  however, it will take me at least an additional half hour to get there from novato.  sometimes i am pretty tired by the time i leave my brother’s house!  just have to watch that, i guess.  it’s easy to do 10 min on 101 half asleep.  not so good to do 40-45!  didn’t take the camera, so no pictures to show.  lovely location.  5 acres, fairly private, hugh old (400 years old!) valley oaks.  for those of you who live elsewhere – these trees don’t just grow up big and tall.  they have these amazing huge fat branches/trunks that do all sorts of twists and turns – and  the base of the trunks are not only very big, they often look more like a bunch of big trees grafted together.  amazing things!!  and they stay ‘green’ all year.  there is also an orchard, and a small barn.  the garage is a newer and separate building from the house – and the owner is putting in drywall and installed french doors on the side!!  it will be perfect for ruth.  sooo, i’m pretty ok with it now. ^_^  and sophie loved it!  lots of space to run free – with grass!  oh, which they do not have to care for – lawncare guys come in and handle it!  how devine! ^_^  it is located on the north west side of santa rosa, by the way.  looks like plenty of horses in the neighborhood – always good energy, i think!

since i got home wed afternoon, it’s mostly been about preparing for them to go.  attempting to deal with the teens, etc.  been pretty awful here.  in fact, when they return, the girls are being taken directly to their mom’s house in south san francisco.  so, i had to say some serious goodbye’s this morning.  spent some time crying a little.  by now, they are there, i guess.  just looked at the papers tom left – they should be landing just about now.  in indy.  that means a 100 mile drive to get to grandpa’s house north of cincinnati.  i sure hope marcus’s ears didn’t hurt him like tom’s did when i took him on a plane at about the same age!  makes takeoff and landing painful for everyone!!  actually, i guess they aren’t there yet.  tom said the flight had been changed by the airline, and they had a layover – so instead of the 4+ hours, it was going to be more like 6+. 😦  what a deal – 3 teens, a 4 year old, and a 2 1/2 year old.  oh goodie.  still – kinda wish i could have gone.  but – lots of critters here to care for! 

ain’t life grand!!

ok, time to get back to the opportunity quilt.  did have a little ‘meeting’ with sandy and mary to show them what i didn’t like about the background.  somehow they couldn’t see it.  they sure did once i took the extra long straight edge!  now i have to get these motifs done!!

love and beauty

it is 3rd monday and so i will be going to high sierra quilters to hang out and be there for dropins who might be looking for some help with applique.  or, sometimes folks come in and take the actual class i normally teach there each ‘semester’.

well, all the teens are ‘home’ – brittany showed up yesterday and said she is here for the summer.  so, it being father’s day, we all went out for dinner last night.  to the tune of $102 and change. yikes.  i split it with tom and handled the tip.    so, cassie did come home, just not in time to make it to summer school.  says she will do the second session.  i have my doubts.  hasn’t kept her word about anything lately.  wade is not actually living here – is sharing an apartment with 2 other guys.  and working as a dishwasher in a very nice restaurant downtown (placerville).  all those brains and talent washing dishes.  oh well.  he is just not ready to fully be ‘in the world’, so to speak – as in having to interact with people/public so much.   they will all find their own way.  in the meantime, they are taking advantage of their last opportunity to be non-responsible.  do nothing, eat and drink whatever and whenever, etc etc.  i can only trust, as i did with their father, that somehow we have given them what they need to succeed and they will step into being adults eventually.  my concern is that the counter influence from the other side of the family may not be the best for them.  BUT – that is my very biased opinion!!

i took some pictures of the yard – mind you, this is not a yard in the normal sense, like clearly defined and manicured. ^_^  it is a somewhat clear and somewhat defined space at one end of an equally loosely defined yard in the middle of two completely ‘wild’ acres.  and believe it or not, it sits in the middle of town.  a very rare find, and i love it!  total privacy and still only 5 minutes from necessities!  how divine!! ^_^

the first one includes the chair i am going to paint – yellow!  i started to just sand it, and then decided to borrow the new air compressor to de-bug it.  however, there are no nozzles for the compressor, so tom suggested i use the power washer.  well, that stripped that puppy good!!  course then it had to sit in the sun to dry.  this chair is a ‘dump rescue’ from the days when by brother and i would make regular visits to the petaluma dump.  it was our ‘outing’ when i would go to visit.  we found lots of good stuff, did lots of fun projects together as a result of our finds! ^_^  in the cage behind the chair is my ‘red’ flower collection.  besides the two ‘normal’ lillies, there is a hybrid tiger lily (posted earlier) and a ‘flowering maple’.  IT is usually towering over the others, but it  got severly frosted in january and is a mere shadow of its former self – still, now blooming again.  oh, and that’s the ginko tree behind the chair.  i think i will see if i can get it planted in the ground this fall – when it might be possible to dig a hole in that rock hard ground.

this one is taken from just in front of the door/front porch and shows the area under the front plum tree (the area where the chair usually sits) and the mound garden beyond (used to be a pile of debris!  it finally decomposed enough and i found enough dirt in the composter to cover it all!).

the last picture is of the still non-functioning hot water heater.  grrr. yes, i did take a shower, finally.  had to go up there, but it had reached emergency status!  we (tom) will switch out the heating elements, again.  found out we could have possibly fried the new ones by not having the tank completely  ‘air pocket’-free.  sounds a tad unlikely to me, to burn them both – still, we shall see.  and we now have two sets of all parts required – maybe there is a magic combination??  geeeezzzz  lovely setup, don’t you think. ^_^waterheater.jpg

so, with this lovely picture, i will wrap it for today. (that is the second plum tree, also heavy with fruit)   time to get ready to go be professional again.  yeah, right! ^_^

love and beauty!

very close to being ready to go – only one kit left to fold.  except for the mini i saved to do with rachel.  they got home too late last night, so we will do it this evening.  as for the rest of this day – will be going to the rv and hopefully will get the generator fired up while there.  real purpose is to gather the last of the show/booth stuff – including my clothes.  on the way back i will be picking up the summer school schedule for cassie.  ahhh, cassie – and her dad(my son)!!  they really have a thing going on!  and i don’t mean a good one.  BIG communication breakdown, lots of hurt feelings on both sides.  teenagers and dysfunctional parents – not that’s a formula for diasaster.  just ask me, i know!  we don’t really believe her when she says she WILL go to summer school.  truth is, she doesn’t want to go to school at all.  and she’d like to go live with her mom, but won’t do it – wants tom to kick her out! (as reported by her brother, wade).

and then there is wade – moving back home.  seems uncle juan has been ‘saved’ and won’t put up with the drinking and messes wade loves to make.  tom says “can’t leave him on the street” – i am tempted to say – “and why not?  didn’t seem to hurt you any.”  ^_^ so i guess he will be here until his freeloading drives even tom to “tough love” – OR, wade will use the opportunity to get on track to something.  doing my best to let them all be! ^_^  i realized the other day that the reason i liked teens the first time around was that i was still trying to BE one.  now that i am “older & wiser” (ho ho ho), they are mostly just frustrating to me – at least ‘mine’ are.  i mean, how can you just not be interested in ANYthing with regard to ‘the rest of your life’, etc.  eat, drink, watch tv, play video/computer games AND talk on the phone(while doing all of the above!).  is that the new definition of ‘multi-tasking’???  perhaps i’m just missing something, here.  i think this raising kids thing is like the wages/cost of living thing.  i mean, sooner or later a generation is going to have to stop making it better/easier for their kids cause it looks to me like all we’ve done is raise a bunch of gimme,gimme people who expect everything for nothing, etc.  we make more and more money and things cost more and more.  we give our kids more and more and they just expect more and more and more – and don’t get that they have to ‘give’ (or do) anything.

well, i guess i can now step down from my soapbox and get back to something i do have some control over – what i do with my time! ^_^  first thing is to get something to eat – something i often forget to do once i begin working. 

have a lovely day, ya’ll

i thought a little followup would be good, for anyone who might have read the last post. 

cassie did finally come home at some point today.  interesting fact – she was at school for at least part of the time, even attended at least one class. (lying is not one of her tricks) – however a call to the school from her dad AND from the police got the same answer – no, she isn’t here. hmmmm

so, i had to take a work break and drive her all the way to jacksonville for her dentist appointment.  that’s 45 min each way.  that’s what happens when you are the only one without a boss, i guess.

did manage to round up most of the fabrics i need for cutting kits for the next show.  i will tackle that first thing in the morning.  today, now, i am going to sit and fold and stuff patterns.  i will be leaving for market in salt lake city directly from the class i am teaching in grass valley next wed.  thank goodness i don’t have to take kits with me to that!  i expect them to be about gone again after the show in hollister and the talk/class in grass valley.  ok, i HOPE they will be. ^_^  i think i’ll just stick one of those pictures in here – of one of my patterns/kits.fuchsia

for anyone who has a teenager, you will probably relate.

i live with my son, who has three teens – in fact, i moved out here to be with them.  however, they were lovely little children at the time.  how could i have forgotten what was going to happen?? ^_^  at this time, only one of them, a girl (cassie) is still living here.  and she and dad are having some issues, so to speak. (mom lives somewhere else).  as a result, she did not come home last night and i guess has been doing her thing this whole weekend (while i was gone).  we are pretty sure where she is, but just haven’t been able to reach her by phone.  i suggested last night, that tom just call the police to help find her – perhaps help get thru’ to her??? 

well, this morning i decided to go up and see what was going on – and to make sure she was up and getting ready for school if she had come home.  (my cottage is about 100 feet from the big house).  so up i go, doing my best ‘maxine’ imitation – hair down and dirty, favorite robe (a Christmas gift in 1976!!!) and comfy once white, been up and down the wet muddy path a few too many times, slippers.  i open the door and come face to face with one of placerville’s (young) finest.  and immediately uttered something very intelligent, like – OH!  then stepped into the house and closed the door behind me and turned to face another – and repeated my intelligent remark.  geeeezzzzz  tom said “that’s my mom”.  i would guess they were as surprised as i – i mean it’s not every day maxine just comes barging into your home!  by the way, my cottage is not visable from the entrance to the big house, so they had NO idea where i came from! or who the heck i was!

we are pretty certain cassie is ok.  she was seen late yesterday with her friend and we guess she spent the night at her house – as she often does on weekends.  just hoping adding the police will have some impact.  i would love to have this trigger a real breakthru for them.  wish counseling weren’t so expensive – and that they would both be open to it.  lots of love and lots of anger.

as for me- home from medford and in the  crunch to get ready for hollister and then on to salt lake city for market.  with a stop in grass valley for a trunk show and then class.  very tight schedule these next two weeks.  need to fire my booking agent!! ^_^

just thought i’d add a picture of that path i always walk – between here and therethe path